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Maria Schneider & Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra in Vocational education

Maria Schneider & Orquestra Jazz Matosinhos

Maria Shneider and Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra at Casa da Música last 21 July.

It was not the first time I listened Maria Schneider performing in Portugal. But it is always a pleasure listening such a great musician.

This time, she was not with her orchestra but conducting the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra.

Maria Schneider & OJM

The OJM is the only jazz orchestra in Portugal. Playing since 1999, the OJM is a well known jazz orchestra playing with the best musicians. 

The OJM has already performed in Brussels, Milan and in New York at Carnegie Hall for the "JVC Jazz Festival".

The OJM performed as well with Dee Dee Bridgewater and now conducted by Maria Schneider presented some master pieces  of this great jazz composer, nominated for nine Grammy's and winner of two Grammy's.

Maria Schneider's music cross the borders between genres and conquered critics and different audiences.

The concert was very good! Of course ! She is a wonderful composer and the Orquestra of Jazz de Matosinhos is one of the best jazz orchestras.


There's so little provision for helping teachers to bring music into the classroom. But when you teach at a Vocational Jazz School, it is so different. We are talking about Vocational Education. You have the chance to participate in music-making.

You can always to go with students to jazz concerts, jazz clubs or inviting some jazz musician for a workshop at the school.

Maria Schneider is a awesome jazz composer and director (there are few women as music directors) and his work and orchestra are amazing.

Let your students discover Maria Schneider by themselves. And ask them to choose the music pieces that they want to discuss and play in your lessons.

There are some interesting resources that you can use in your lessons on Maria Shneider's website.

Of course the Orquestra de Jazz de Matosinhos OMJ is also an important jazz big band. The OMJ plays in Portugal and other countries (France, Brussels, Milan, New York) OMJ talented young musicians are directed by Pedro Guedes and Carlos Azevedo

Vocational education : Jazz schools


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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PISA: Using graphic facilitation

Are students well prepared for future challenges? Can they analyse, reason and communicate effectively? Do they have the capacity to continue learning throughout life?

The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) answers these questions and more, through its surveys of 15-year-old in the principal industrialised countries.

Every three years, it assesses how far students near the end of compulsory education have acquired some of the knowledge and skills essential for full participation in society.

But, what is PISA? If you're not quite sure what PISA is or does, and you've got about 12 minutes to spare, watch the video in graphics below:

It's a breathtaking concept. For the OECD, it's a very real way of finding out how well-prepared today's students are to participate in society.

Did this video helped you to understand why the OECD's number-crunchers trigger such intense debate about the state of education around the world every time they release the results of the latest PISA survey?

"The best teachers are often found in schools attended by advantage students who generally do well on their subjects anyway."


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References: OECD

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Education: Amy Winehouse, a tribute

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is dead!
The new didn't surprised me, but I am very sad! Amy Winehouse singer and songwriter could not win the battle with alcohol and drugs that increasingly overshadowed her talent.
"With her distinctive hairdo, lashings of eye make-up and garish tattoos, Winehouse rocketed to fame that she could not control."
I wrote Amy Winehouse is back in January, 15 2011:

"Amy Winehouse is back! This wonderful singer and composer of soul, jazz and R&B is finally back after almost 5 years of crossing hell! Her tour in Brazil has been successful. Amy is finally back! 

She has an incredible talent! She has such a gorgeous voice! She is complex, unique, superb! Hope she's finally back!"

She didn't! Amy Winehouse is dead of accidental alcohol poisining at age 27! She will live in her songs! Two albums 'Frank' (2003) and 'Back to Black' (2006), five Grammy Awards in 2008.


Alcohol and drugs are a sad reality in our days. Sometimes they are among some of our students at school. 

Amy's life could be an important alert to discuss in the classroom. Begin a open discussion. Let your students to speak free. 

Amy Winehouse

Play her songs in the classroom and let your students to understand the lyrics by helping them to study the lyrics to better understand Amy's life.

At the end, try to evaluate with a simple dialogue if they could understand how sad is to die this way.

Ya, I know, it's difficult to some students. They have a disturbed family, sometimes a a father like Amy's father or a weak mother.

However try to open their eyes and show your students how important it is to make the good choices for a better life.

I'm sure they will appreciate this life lesson!

A talented songwriter, an aamazing voice, but ony a girl that destroyed herself and could not resist to such brutality. The tabloids, the success, the loneliness.

To me, she will be always 'unique' on her voice and talent! She was just unhappy young girl. Perhaps to vulnerable and fragile to face such a success.


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Surf for All: a social inclusion project

"O sonho comanda a vida."

António Gedeão*

In the "International Day of Surfing", 18 June 2011 was a different day for people with disabilities.

During the weekend, "Surf for All" joined 50 participants with disabilites - physical, intellectual and visual - on Costa da Caparica beach, near Lisbon, Portigal, to have a vibrant experience in their lives.

Portuguese professional surfers could join the group and help the participants into the practice of this interesting sport for summer.

The organization "Surf for All" was impressed by the number of participants, and very happy about their excitement and the promise that participants would like to repeat this experience. 

Frederico Morais, João Guedes e Ruben Gonzalez, the Portuguese profissional surfers were there for two days, helping the participants with different disabilities to catch the right wave.

This meeting "Surf for All" was sponsered by Duckdive - Bodyboard & Surf School & Camp, Salvador's Association, Estado Líquido-Org and Portuguese Sports Federation for people with disabilities and the aim was promoting a real social inclusion, equal opportunities access leasure, sports and cultural in an environment that ensured accessibility and security.

"Surf for All" was also sponsered by Billabong, the  and others.

Salvador is a young man who suffered a violent moto accident. He was 16 years old and he felt asleep conducting his moto. Here his personal testimony.

He is a case of success of recovering, helped by his family and friends and his great courage and will.

He enourages other young people to recover and fight for better conditions and social inclusion.

Prémio Ser Capaz is annual award that promotes creativity and technologies in order to facilitate the social inclusion of people with disabilities. It 's only available for Portugal.

"Consciente da importância da investigação para a qualidade do seu projecto e para o desenvolvimento global do país, a Associação Salvador pretende estimular o desenvolvimento de projectos que possam facilitar a vida das pessoas portadoras de deficiência motora, através da atribuição do Prémio Ser Capaz - Investigação e Tecnologia"

Leia aqui o Regulamento


One of the most important school curriculum is Sports. Please read my post "Special Olympics 2011  for Children with Disabilities here

Children with disabilities have wonderful performance in sport. They are enthousiastic because they feel more integrated in the society.

It would be great for a school project developing it with a surfing school for summer holiday.  

A project that would promote the social inclusion in a open space and encourage children and teenagers with disabilities to a healthy outdoor life joining other young people.

And the fact of professional surfers  being  near them on such a good project would help kids and teens to feel less lonely during summer time.

Sports teachers, propose a similar project in your school, if the school is not far from the beach!

Educators have a crucial role helping the integration of children with disabilities.


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* António Gedeão (Portuguese poet and teacher)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Les mots surprise du "Petit Robert 2012"

"Quand on fait du buzz en tweetant, y'a pas moyen de l'exptimer autrement"

Alain Rey, linguiste

Chaque année, les meilleurs experts de la langue de Molière recalent des centaines de mots à l’entrée du dictionnaire. 

Le Petit Robert est de l’une des institutions françaises les plus renommées.  Dans leurs crus 2012 le Robert Illustré & Dixel, papier et numérique, et le Petit Robert - déjà en vente - font la part belle aux mots nouveaux.

Dans son édition 2012, on y va découvrir des mots  tout à fait en usage social introduits par l'évolution des temps et de la société.

Des mots comme "vuvuzela" "stévia" "cougar" (anglicisme) "cagole" "cacou" (pas d'anglicisme mais du régionalisme), "tweet" "e-learing" "smartphone" et d'autres.

Eh bien! Pour "cougar" - une femme mûre qui recherche et séduit des hommes beaucoup plus jeunes - un anglicisme qui arrive droit des Etats-Unis, métaphore du mot  "couguar" (puma), qui va bondir les puristes de la langue française.

"Cagole" - jeune fille, jeune femme qui affiche une féminité provocante et vulgaire fait son entrée aux côtés du "cacou " - homme, jeune homme qui fait le fanfaron, qui se donne des airs de mauvais garçon - des régionalismes courants dans le Sud de la France. 

tweet | nouveau mot 
Le Petit Robert 2011

Un bon nombre de mots issus des nouvelles technologies qui ont eux aussi fait leur entrée au 'panthéon' des mots. 

Ainsi en est-il du "tweet" et de son verbe "tweeter", mais également du "e-learning".

"Un court message informatif posté sur le Web par l’intermédiaire d’un service qui le transmet à des abonnés "- définition de tweet.

Pour le verbe "tweeter", Alain Rey, célèbre linguisteconseiller éditorial de Robert a declaré sur Le Parisien:

"J’aimerais mieux que ce verbe soit formé sur une racine française, cela éviterait les erreurs d’orthographe".

Le "e-learning" - apprentissage, formation par le moyen d’Internet, débarque, lui, avec un préfixe anglo-saxon, "e", qui signifie "electronic". 

Le nombre d’anglicismes augmente chaque année, ce qui ne gêne pas le linguiste, à condition que ce ne soit pas un hybride, comme par exemple "l’e-commerce".

Des substantifs provençaux qui ont enfin droit à leur heure de gloire par souci de "rattrapage". 
"Pendant longtemps, on a complètement négligé les régionalismes", confirme le linguiste Alain Rey, encore dans les colonnes du Parisien

Parmi les mots "exotiques" empruntés à d’autres cultures, on découvre en outre cette année, après l’avoir (un peu trop) entendue cet été dans les stades d’Afrique du Sud, la "vuvuzela". Selon le Robert Illustré, la "vuvuzela" est um "instrument à vent élémentaire produisant un seul son (si bémol)". 
Pauvre si bémol, dis-je!

Il y a encore la "stévia", la fameuse "plante d’Amérique du sud dont les feuilles ont un fort pouvoir sucrant", ainsi que le "matcha", le thé vert japonais utilisé dans la cérimonie du thé japonais et commee arôme dans les desserts. 

Enfin, les écolos salueront quant à eux l’arrivée du "composteur" tandis que les mamans reconnaîtront le "bisphénol", ce composé organique interdit depuis peu dans la fabrication des biberons car suspecté d’être toxique.

Le Robert illustré & Dixel numérique est vendu avec une "clé d’accès" qui ressemble à une clé USB et qui permet de se connecter durant quatre ans au Dixel, le dictionnaire sur Internet.

"Le dictionnaire doit refléter les nouvelles habitudes de consommation

Alain Rey

Et, moi, je suis tout à fait d'accord! Les langues sont vivantes! 

«Les langues sont comme la mer, elles oscillent sans cesse.»

Victor Hugo


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