About G-Souto's Blog

Welcome to the Gina Souto Blog for Learning Digital Culture and Technologies (G-Souto's Blog).
I am Gina Souto, an independent Learning & Collaboration Advisor, writer and international speaker.
I founded G-Souto's Blog to share my reflections on Education Technology enhanced learning, and Digital Culture, some information on new learning trends, ICTs and tools for Learning. 
I am interested on social media tools in educational contexts and gamification in Education. The views expressed on this blog are my own. I don't do endorsements or advertising.
This website has now become one of the world’s most visited learning sites on the Web, with around 6.965 monthly visits.
The website hosts a number of major resources, including:
  • Learning & Performance Tools that contains a great number of free resources and tools;
  • Links to resources and articles produced and written by me;
  • My Reading List – links to important articles, events, seminars, conferences, news, educational resources.