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Reading Harry Potter on web 2.0 ?

Well, after a short break, here I am! Oh! I know, I know, everybody has already the fresh news about Pottermore since last June 23.

Ok! But I must finish my idea about the subject. And most of all reinforce the importance of Harry Potter books in the Literature curriculum in middle school.

Fans of JK Rowling's "Harry Potter" saga waited expectantly for the announcement the author promised to make on June 23. 
Rowling announced via a web video that she will be opening Pottermore, an online website for fans that she described as "an online reading experience unlike any other." So, Rowling said this is her way of thanking her fans.
"Harry's fans remain as enthusiastic and inventive as ever," she says in the video. "

JK Rowling shows shows some children the new Harry Potter website
It's true! Fans remain as entusiastic as ever. We could see it with the number of fans in the very first minutes in the accounts on Twitter and on Facebook.
According to Rowling's announcement, the Harry Potter story will be available on Pottermore, but it will be built and shaped by the readers.
The website will also be the exclusive place to buy digital audio books and e-books of the "Harry Potter" series.
"The digital generation will be able to enjoy a safe, unique online reading experience built around the ‘Harry Potter' books." 
JK Rowling (in the video)

So, Harry Potter just got a new home, right? But the most important! JK Rowling will lead her readers to a new stage in the evolution of reading: web 2.0.
This is the biggest new! And the fantastic one! It's the first time that Harry Potter novels will be available in ebook formats. 
Rowling has indicated that the books will be DRM-free and will be available for all ebook devices including Kindle and iPad. 

We don't know yet how exactly this is going to work, but let's wait.
JK Rowling shows off too that Pottermore site which will not only have new material, but will be only place selling digital downloads of novels.

Well, I can assure that the "Harry Potter mania" brought enormous number of new readers in the Languages courses in the school, since we as educators understood the importance of reading the Harry Potter books in the curriculum of Languages and Literature.
"Harry Potter's Saga by J.K. Rowling, Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien, and many others, give the chance to teach and learn Literature in a complete different way. The final result is always the best! And the list is enormous!"

And it's true, too! Students are inventive! I do remember the first digital generation that I called the 'Harry Potter Gen' (2000-2002). I had the very first readers of Harry Potter  first book - Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone in  my classroom.

Rowling managed to get a large swath of young people reading books at a time when it looked as though they weren't going to be reading anything.
Students (12-15 years) in my school, a high junior school, read 'compulsively' Harry Potter books, they went to the cinema watch the last movies of Harry Potter and they created fantastic projects in my lessons Languages & literature (native language, foreign language).

They were so inventive and contagious that I have been a fan myself, reading the books in the classroom and creating new 'different' activities online for the first time to support my curriculum in school, on this level of teaching and learning.
My students were the first "Digital Gen" working and learning online, in Portugal (2001-2002). I teach blended learning since this very moment. 

I think it was one of first 'movement' in Secondary education perhaps in the European countries. I'm almost sure! Some European educational networks as My European School and published my website (2002) and my educational blogs (2005). 

The website Kidzlearn Lugares & Aprendizagens was distinguished at the final  of Global Junior Challenges (up-to 15), Rome 2004.

JK Rowling 
Photo: Kim Rune, Fyens Stiftstidende | AP 2010
The importance of JK Rowling as a writer was recognized when she winned the new Danish award, the "Hans Christian Andersen literature prize", in 2010. His work was of that rare order that seems to transcend authorship," and praising Andersen's "indestructible, eternal characters."

The new prize is distinct from the Hans Christian Andersen medal, sometimes dubbed the "Nobel Prize for children's literature". 

For me, the important side of is that: It brings the students  on a free and collaborative digital reading! 

"This site is a fantastic way for fan creativity to continue. It's amazing for me to be creative in this medium, which didn't exist back in 1990."

JK Rowling

Rowling's explanation of it is vague. However, if it somehow involves immersing the students in the stories digitally, then I am very glad.

The Pottermore website will not open officially until October. Fans can return to the website on July 31 wich coincides with Potter's birthday in the books and follow the  owls over the ensuing months...
"So I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you, because no author could have asked for a more wonderful, diverse and loyal readership."

JK Rowling


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Pottermore is...


Last Friday, I wrote about how J. K. Rowling led fans on an online scavenger hunt to a mysterious website,, set to launch today, June 23. 

Internet speculation ensued that the website could be an e-bookstore or an multiplayer online role-playing game. Now there appears to be new evidence for the game theory.

The Times UK reported that it has received an official marketing memo, apparently by mistake, talking about the project in more detail. The paper says the memo "suggests that is a sophisticated online game that contains clues wilth the help of Google Maps to prizes that are hidden in the real world. These are an unstated number of magic wands secreted in Britain and America, and possibly other countries." is supposed to be officially announced in a few hours if you watch the clock on Youtube

The Times UK notes that it is "not clear whether the treasure hunt is Pottermore itself, or merely a marketing drive for another product," and it is also unclear whether the memo was actually accidentally leaked or is simply a savvy marketing ploy.
Given the playfulness and secrecy surrounding the unveiling of, it is very possible that this trick was orchestrated by the people behind the new venture.

And we all know! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 is coming out on July.
And "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" in Orlando (USA) is coming with some new things. Facebook page here

Oh! Pottermore has a page on Facebook with 7.345 'Like' fans and on Twitter on @pottermore  - only 3 tweets and 82.542 fans (3:00AM CET)

Well! Now I'm taking some days on holiday, andd I can not follow the news. I'm off of devices and social media, completely, I hope :-)

So, the posts for the rest of the week are about Languages curricula! 

Harry Potter saga in the classroom! You will find on two different blogs Blog dos Caloiros (Portuguese language)  and BlogSkidz (French Language) for my students as an open resource. They are open and you can mproving your skills in Foreign Languages.

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Do you remember Languages Matter! Of course you do! So, waiting for Pottermore, practice a little bit your skills on Portuguese and French  languages!

"If languages do not exist, the culture will disappear."

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO


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Monday, June 20, 2011

Tíscar: Aprender desde los Márgenes

"Qué tienen que ver el 'do it yourself' o hazlo tú mismo, el remix o remezcla, lo beta o imperfecto y el p2p o intercambio entre pares con la Educación? 

Podríamos decir que son los 'nuevos' mantras que la cultura digital ha legitimad como formas de aprendizaje informal que no sólo son válidas sino especialmente valiosas."

Laura Tíscar

Tíscar Lara es Vicedecana de Cultura Digital en la Escuela de Organización Industrial EOI donde coordina proyectos de Mobile Learning y Conocimiento Abierto.

Sucede que estas maneras de aprender no son nuevas en sí mismas. Al contrario, son propias del ser humano, desde siempre.

Pero hay algunos anõs se escondían 'en los márgenes', en la periferia del sistema educativo "... ya fuera porque lo que se aprendía no tenía cabida en lo formal o porque lo formal no tenía cabida para esos aprendices."

Tíscar es para mi una de las primeras referencias en mi docencia con las TIC, ya que las uso en la escuela desde el año 2000. 

Las TIC han entrado en mis clases en el año 2001. A leer aqui o aqui. También la Bibliografia en las notas*

Asi me parece muy salutar divulgar el contenido de su comunicación en TEDxUIMP hace dos semanas y compartir su explicación en slides, más abajo:


Como educadora, entendi rapidamente que no todos los estudiantes encajan en la educación formal.

Así, muchas veces llamé a la escuela sus parientes o otros artesanos con varias professiones para passar el testigo de su sabiduría a mis estudiantes.

La mejor sabiduría del educador es la forma de vincular la educación formal con la educación  no formal. Lo tengo  debatido en algunos posts (consultar la Bibliografia en las notas*)

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school"



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             slides TíscarEOI


Souto, Gina, "O Blogue no enriquecimento curricular" | Blog dos Caloiros
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday time: The Gift

On Thursday night, June 9, 2011, we went to Casa da Musica to listen, during the event Clubbing, the Portuguese band The Gift perfoming the new album Explode

Lobby Casa da Musica | Porto (Portugal)

The Gift is one of most succeed bandwell known in Portugal and other countries as Spain, Canada (Toronto) and United States (New York).

"Arguably, they’ve built a small empire around high-drama, English-language anthemic indie rock by garnering sponsorships, opening for the likes of Flaming Lips in the US, and becoming the “first Portuguese band to X” - X being everything (like getting a spot on MTV UK)".

The Guilhermina Suggia hall was complete! A lot of people on stairs just applauding, singing and dancing on every theme of Explode and some 'classical' songs of the band as several 'encore'. The band hit the stage! 

Sonia Tavares | The Gift
Photo: Palco Principal

Frontwoman Sonia Tavares, a true diva who had crooned and high-kicked through a demanding hours-long set: “Do you want more? Dance and sing to us because we’re going to play until going directly to Toronto fly…” 

The audience wedeeply applauded the talent of the band and this album, very explosive! Sounds, colours, talent!


Positive thinking and bright colors are The Gift’s hallmarks, right down to the pastel keyboards. 

For Explodethey based their album art around a trip to the Holi festival in rural India, where they were doused from head to toe.

Music has an important role among young people. Students like to discuss the music they hear. And they like to have some new ideas about new music groups.

Wonderful resource to share with students. You can explore music and civilization.

Level: Middle and Secondary Education

Curricula: Music; Civics; Geography; Languages.

The Gift | Explose | Poras Chaudhary
“We always wanted this album to be an explosion of color, of joy, of happiness, and positivity,” John said. “It was the perfect location… we were there a week celebrating the festival with a local photographer in the temples, throwing the traditional colored powder at each other. All the while we understood that all of the people around us were so happy with so little.”
Nuno Gonçalves (keyboards & voice)
Explode which hit number 1 in Portugal album sales. Here the playlist.

An amazing night of indie rock, a lots of colour, joy and dancing where the seats were no barrier!

"If you love pretty colors, you'll love Portuguese music mainstay The Gift, an anthemic indie rock band that's been DIY for 17 years."

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(in a pleasant Sunday afternoon)


The Gift

MTV Iggy