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Schools : Animated movies : debating in elementary grade?

Animated films

"They've enthralled or terrified generations of kids, and now they're giant worldwide blockbusters. 

So what are the best animated features of all time? Using an obscure system of weights and measures, TIME movie critic Richard Corliss has compiled and annotated the countdown, from No. 25 (Lady and the Tramp) to No. 1. See for yourself here."

TIME movie critic Richard Corliss lists the ten best animated features of all time, from Finding Nemo to Pinocchio...

Are your favorites on the list? And what about your students' favorites?

Let the discussion begin! We know it will be so animated... and noisy! All the students talking at the same time :-)


What a nice video to display in the classroom!

Goals: Speaking, expressing ideas, critical thinking

Level: Elementary grade

Open Debate in the classroom:
  • Induce your students to a brainstorming;
  • Let each student express freely about the movies he|she knows well;
  • Encourage the students to speak about fears or joys when they watched the movies at the cinema, at home or on computer.

Some thoughts:

It could be an interesting activity to educators to know better their students, especially those that are a bit shy and for those kids that are for the first time in the class.

It is helpful too for students to know each other the first day in the new class.

A good resource for the next academic year, in September. 


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