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Gina Souto, Dr. is the founder of the Gina Souto Blog for Learning Digital Culture and Technologies (G-Souto's Blog) and the author of the 1st e-learning website Kidzlearn Lugares & Aprendizagens (prototype), 2002 for Secondary and Vocational Education, one of the world’s most visited learning sites on the Web in School Education since 2002 until 2015. It was a finalist project up-15 at Global Junior Challenge, Rome 2004. 


Author of the 1st e-learning website Kidzlearn Lugares & Aprendizagens (prototype), 2002 

Gina Souto, Master in Literature and Linguistics, University of Porto, Portugal, expertise Technology and Innovation in Education, Universidade Católica Porto and University of Évora.

Gina Souto worked at the Ministry of Education of Portugal for 30 years. Certified Expert ICT Education and Innovation (Ministry of Education/ University of Evora). 

Gina Souto is one of the Micro Innovator Practice at VISIR.

Independent consultant
Gina Souto has been helping educators and organizations understand and implement new learning trends and technologies for over 30 years. For information about Gina’s Consultancy and Advice services, see Consultancy & Advice
Gina Souto worked at the Ministry of Education of Portugal for 30 years. Certified Expert ICT Education and Innovation (Ministry of Education/University of Evora). Former Fellow Open Education Europa since 2005 until the end. Worked with Rolf Reinhardt at EFQUEL (2010), Learning AgencyENGAGE (2010), Rolf Reinhardt at epprobate the International Quality Label for e-Learning for one year. Member of the Jury in the MEDEA Awards from 2009 to 2013 and member of the Jury in the ENGAGE Awards 2010. Certified Academic Expert (School Education) at MENON since 2010  to help building new skills and digital competences in Languages Curricula.

Gina Souto has been blogging for many years. Gina Souto regularly wrote articles for international academics websites or academic journals since 2003; 

Gina Souto was one of the authors of Vision on Open Education Europa 2030 for European Commission JRS-IPTS.

Conference and event speaker
Gina Souto gave keynotes and was invited to presentations at conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events, both in Portugal and  European countries, as well online.
And was also an established author, speaker at national and international conferences, seminars since 2005 to 2020. Gina Souto led different workshops for teachers and stakeholders in Portugal and some European countries.
For past papers, articles, presentations, see Gina Souto Google Scholar, G.Souto slideshare and Gina Souto's Presentations and ArticlesFor last presentations, see bottom of front page.

In October 2004 at Global Junior Challenge Final 2004, the Committee presented Gina Souto as an Innovator for Outstanding Contribution to Learning & Technologies.
In 2011, G-Souto's Blog was nominated the "Most Fascinating Education Blog" in the category Teaching Blog by direct voting of the readers.

Other activities
Former Fellow at Open Education Europa Europe's community for innovative education (the project ended)
Certified Expert Innovation & Technology in Education at Ministry of Education of Portugal / University of Évora
Micro InnovatorICT Learning at VISIR
FormerCertified Academic Expert at MENON 
Judge MEDEA Awards 2009-2013
Judge ENGAGE Awards 2010
Expert: Evaluation of Social Media Tools in Educational Context for Ministry of Education and Science of Portugal until 2009
Tutor and e-Tutor for school teachers at Ministry of Education of Portugal for twenty years, Higher School of Education of Porto for 5 years
Producer of Languages lessons at National SchoolTV for 11 years (Ministry of Education of Portugal & Ministère de l'Education Nationale, France);
Advisor at Institut Français (Portugal) for 3 years : Portuguese teachers in Secondary Education teaching French Foreign Language.

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