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Education : TELL Awards, submit your project !

"Most people on the planet would agree that educating young people is part of the greater good, something well worth supporting by society."
Our objective is to change the world, to better learning opportunities for young people. We are doing this because we aim for the future, for a better, more modern, education.
No doubt that Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) has created enormous changes in schools, universities and in vocational learning. However, these innovations have tended to be unsustainable. Too often, initiatives need a high degree of effort to be sustained, and are consequently endangered when funding stops. 
However few educational institutions have taken these technologies up in a systematic way in order to include them in their learning strategy. In spite of a huge amount of technologies available for learning purposes, teachers and students are NOT taking them up and the real breakthrough of new teaching and learning methods with new technologies has not happened.
The European TELL US competition sponsored by the European Commission’s DG Connect is open for ALL participants from large companies, SMEs, innovators, formal education actors and students.


To change the world, to better learning opportunities for young people. TELL Awards is doing this because it aim for the future, for a better, more modern, education.

The competition will be subdivided into the “formal educational environment” which is centred on the three following main market segments:
  • Schools
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Higher Education (High Schools and Universities)
The competition is organized in two stages with correspondent services levels:

1. Regional competitions online: 16 winners will be selected for the Grand Final. Each one of them will receive a prize including internationalisation support (one showcase event), soft landing services in one of the cluster ecosystems, and advice on EU projects, among others.

2. The Grand Final at Futur en Seine which will take place on 15th June 2015 in Paris, in Paris, where the four winners will be selected by an international, high-level jury and the public.

The 4 Regions:

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The European Jury composed from a selection of the stakeholders from EU countries will be judge both the Regional contests and the Grand Final.
Each regional and final competition will also have an exhibition element and will enable the general public to assess the entrants and vote for a special ‘people’s choice’ awards.
Criterias :
The contest criteria will be drawn from the following foundations i.e. what we are looking for are solutions that: 
  1. Meets the expected learning objectives
  2. Appearance
  3. Creativity
  4. Ease of use for the learner
  5. Interactivity
  6. Ease of updating and adding content
  7. Holds the learner's interest
  8. Potential impact of the course based upon category and potential audience.


Prizes for each of the winners include 2,500 euros in cash, a 500 euros Amazon account to cover technological needs, Startup Profiling on EDUKWEST Europe along with social media promotion, HP equipment, and many other prizes.


Participants must enter their application online. 

Deadline : 

The submission deadline for the TELL US Awards ends on 31 January 2015.

The 4 finalists will be awarded cash prizes by an international, high-level jury and the public. 

They will receive a cheque, IT hadware, coaching for internationalization (meeting potential clients, investors, etc) and a strong international visibility. We are pleased to count among our sponsors today HP, Telefonica, Capita, Go-Xapi, etc.

Participants :

Please complete the application in in full online: This application will form the basis for selection of candidates to progress to the second stage of the Awards Competition. 

Further information: 

For any further information please contact Camille Vidaud


How many teachers gave up for interesting and pioneers projects because they haven't the money and support to develop or to continue their creative ideas on Education.

I am one of them. In 2002, I created the first e-learning project at Secondary education to enhance Langages curriculum with ICT but unfortunately after two years with an incredible effort, the project could not be developed because I hadn't no money to support it and to continue my creative ideas on Education. The project was very appreciated by innovators, teachers and educational networks in Europe, United States, Afirca.

Today the project is a prototype and take part of the Micro Innovators network at VISIR.

However, in 2004, I submitted Kidzlearn Lugares & Aprendizagens at Global Junior Challenge, Rome and my project was a finalist project among 647 projects from all over the world. 

See? Now there are TELL AwardsThis is your opportunity to share your project to enhance learning by using technology.

We are on the 21th century and there are a lot of teachers who feel not confortable using technology in the classroom. Don't ! Ask for help from trainers or teachers that use technology in the classroom for years to enhance learning and motivate students to school curriculum.

"TELL Awards' objective is to change the world, to better learning opportunities for young people. We are doing this because we aim for the future, for a better, more modern, education."



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