Friday, July 30, 2010

Why are we using Facebook, Twitter or Youtube?

It is important to be connected? Well, consider this: If Facebook were a country, it would have sixth largest population in the world.
Mitch Joel, the author of the book “Six Degrees of Separation” is one of the finest thinker of our time. He unravels the fascinating world of new media.
Strategic focus, awesome write-up and presentation yet simple, and easy to understand. 
Now, watch the video (September 2009) and ask yourself: Why are you on Twitter? Why are you making a video in Youtube? Why are you on Facebook?

This is what Joel Mitch is famous for. Excellent thought! So what do you think? Agree with Joel’s Why? 


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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Social Network, the movie

The Social Network

The new trailer for the movie The Social Network about the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is already known.

The film, by David Fincher (films like Fight Club, Panic Room, Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, among others) is based on Ben Mezrich' book "The Accidental Billionaires", and tells the story about the founding of Facebook in a dormitory at Harvard.

"Mezrich's prose has a cinematic flavor." 
-The Boston Globe

The movie shows the evolving relationship between Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg in the film) and friends as social networking is gaining shape, strength and fame.

The Social Network will be released in the United States in next October. The soundtrack will be conducted by Trent Reznor, ex-Nine Inch Nails. "Creep" the famous song by Radiohead  is the trailer's theme in a different cover. 

"You don't get 500 million friends without making some few enemies"

I wonder... can we ignore the incredible creativity of some of our students?  Sir Ken Robinson said that school kills creativity. 

What do you think? Do you agree?! We know that's not true! It depends on each one of us, the educators!

Let's pay attention to the creativity of our students! Some of them are amazing!


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Friday, July 16, 2010

Exit Camp for Girls in Portugal

Exit Camp for Girls
During five days ending on 6 July 2010 Exit Camp promoted by IBM in Portugal joined 30 young girls 11-13 years old, among daughters of IBM employees and students from a public school.This year Escola Eugénio dos Santos, Lisbon, ensured the participation of 16 young girls.

Among the activities proposed in the EXIT Camp there was the programming of robots where the young Portuguese girls showed their talent against the British team that were participating in an equivalent program that runned on IBM in the UK.

The video made by Tek explains (Portuguese) the initiative and its impact. The victory of the Portuguese robots against the British team is a very interesting point.

The aim is to promote Technology among young girls to increase gender equality in their future career.

Equality between women and men is a fundamental right, a common value of the EU, and a necessary condition for the achievement of the EU objectives of growth, employment and social cohesion.

This week will be continued during the school time by an IBM web tool directly linked to the school.


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Tek/ Sapo

Saturday, July 10, 2010

iPad features & Education ? Reading !

iPad is not for sale in Portugal... not yet!

But when we see this video we are looking forward to test this amazing innovative device to use into school curriculum! Don't you think? It's love at first site!

Some opinions:

But people who know it well say that the Apple tablet is heavier than Kindle. It's necessary to hold iPad with both hands. And it slides easily on our knees. No problem. Kindle will disappear... not iPad.

When we write on iPad is a bit boring because finger touches stay on screen and the reflexes as well. 

credits: Apple

The keyboard is strait, the accents and punctuation are very hard to do, even with auto-correction! But browsing is so fast! Image and sound so marvelous!

Tired, they say, but fascinated!

Steve Jobs said that more than a million of iPad tablets were sold in 28 days! Wow! And more than 5 millions of e-books to the tablet were download in the first 65 days from iBookstore that is the store of e-books from Apple.

iBooks App

Reading children's books on iPad ? That must be quite amazing for kids who love technology. They are growing up with tech. Yet even with all the extras, reading is so natural on iPad, the technology seems to disappear.

Alice in Wonderland | digital recourse the iPad
credits: Apple

Do you remember Alice in Wonderland for iPad ? It was so fun and so beautiful! I was fascinated! I'm not a digital native, but I'm a digital pioneer  and proud to be! Technology is growing up and I can use it. I can follow all the amazing evolution of new technologies.

On YouTube you can watch some videos showing 2-year-old children interacting easily with iPad! That's not amazing! Children are born on the digital era. They are natural digital natives.

Marvel Comics (demonstration)

For example, reading comics with Marvel application is like to enter in another dimension. True, right?

The application eBooks, as well as being available on iPad, is available on iPhone since April, free download through the App Store.

The application includes iBookstore (interesting!) which allows to browse, buy and read on a mobile device over than 60,000 titles available.

When students are reading a book, they may to do marks, highlights and notes. They can do it on eBooks, read and write PDF directly in the application. 

And they will be able to read the same book on their iPad, on iPhone or iPod touch! Wow! eBooks on kids pocket.

A new and wonderful media world to use in Education! I 'm sure that young people will love reading on devices. Exciting!



You can use iPad into school curriculum to read and study a certain book/ebook you choose to include into your in-person lessons.

Students will be delighted! Just pick the right app to the level you are teaching.



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