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Education : Best of 2021 : Semester #2

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"Education International stands in solidarity with the teachers, students, and people of Ukraine and calls on the international community to stop the bloodshed and do their utmost to avoid a catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Europe."

Education International 

Since the first news on television and stories of the war flooded the social media feeds about the war in Europe students crowded around teachers to ask them about it. At home, parents had the same questions and help their kids . 

"In a conflict that has been called the world’s “first TikTok war,” children and teenagers have had access to a mass of information that is often unverified and troubling, and may trigger anxieties."

There was some anxiety mixed into the questions, and they were using adult terminology they didn’t fully understand, but it was a hot topic for all our students.

 kindergarten destroyed in Stanitsa Luhanska, Ukraine
credits: Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

Hundreds of schools have been destroyed during the war in UkraineAnxiety and fear are common reactions to the events in Ukraine, but students also want more knowledge and understanding, especially as the situation worsens.

I remembered September 11. Students came to school and entered in the classroom after lunch. They saw in the news the terrific images direct on television.

"It was a school day like every other day. Lunch time. Some teachers appeared at school before the beginning of the classes and told us to watch the news on the television. We stopped our lunch  and went to Teachers' room."

War is dreadful, and the images of Ukraine’s bombardments are so cruel. After two years of pandemic, it’s important to keep in mind the social and emotional wellbeing of students while talking and explaining lessons from Ukraine.

“It’s a difficult one, isn’t it?” said a teacher in her elementary school classroom “My instinct would be to protect you,” she reasoned.

credits: Andrew Testa for New Yok Times
Some European children are worried that the war in Ukraine could spread to their own countries.

"As Europeans have grappled with the shock of facing a war on their doorstep and a frenzied news cycle, many teachers have had little time to process what was happening — they had to provide answers, and fast."

The job of teachers is to help students understand and process the news at an age-appropriate level while giving them opportunities to dig more deeply into the events, make connections to the history of Europe.

I'm sure all the teachers and parents are doing their best.  

Looking back the roundup 2021 I've come up with what's been the best posts of #semester2 of my blog The Digital Teacher G-SoutoThe selection is based on page views but also based on pedagogical relevance of the most-read posts.

Here are the Best of semester #2

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"Shine bright like a diamond. 

You're a shooting star I see"

My special choice of the #2nd semester 2021? Bright Holiday Season, Shine Bright... Hillcrest Primary School : Sorrow.

It broke my heart! What started as a joyful day of celebration ended with the entire Tasmanian community stunned & heartbroken.


The deaths of six children after a jumping castle was lifted into the air from strong winds at a school end-of-year celebration as condolences flowed into the grieving small coastal city.

The sixth student has died last 19 December, after Hillcrest Primary School's end of year celebration event.

Holiday season was there. Christmas season is children's big dream. 

Hoping to have inspire you in your lessons all over the last year.

Teachers are teaching with passion in such difficult moments. Guiding your students the best you can helping them to adapt to a different world and prepare to a new the future. Give them hope, joy, help them not to be so anxious with this terrible time.

Your mission from the heart!


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