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April in Review & Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann, founder of the Paralympic movement !



Portrait of Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann 
©Eva Loeffler

From the very first sporting event at the National Spinal Injuries Centre in 1948, my father said he wanted the Olympics for the disabled. His dream and pioneering vision certainly came true.

Eva Loeffler OBE, daughter of Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann

Professor Sir Ludwig 'Poppa' Guttmann CBE FRS is known as the father of the Paralympic movement. He was the medical pioneer who proved that disabled sport could be as competitive and exciting as non-disabled sport.

Guttmann was born in Tost, Germany (now Toszek, Poland) on this day, 3 July 1899 and went on to receive his M.D. in 1924.


Google Doodle Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann's 122nd Birthday
artist: Ashanti Fortson

Google Doodle:

Today’s Doodle, illustrated by Baltimore-based guest artist Ashanti Fortson, celebrates the 122nd birthday of Jewish, German-born British neurologist Professor Sir Ludwig “Poppa” Guttmann, founder of the Paralympic movement. 

Ludwig Guttmann Google honors’ Father of the Paralympic Games with a doodle the German doctor considered the father of the Paralympic Games

The Doodle shows various paralympic athletes along with a picture of Sir Ludwig Guttmann.

 credits: unknown
via Dictionary of Neurology 

He began research on spinal cord injuries and performed several neurosurgical procedures, rising to prominence as one of Germany’s top neurosurgeons by his early thirties. 

However, with the rise of the Nazi party and the passing of the Nuremberg Laws in 1933, Guttmann was prevented from practising medicine professionally. Following Kristallnacht in 1938 and the increasing persecution of Jews in Germany, Guttmann was forced to leave Germany with his family and was able to escape to England in 1939.

Stoke Mandeville Games/Olympics for Disable
credits: unknown
via BBC Mundo

In 1948, he organized a 16-person archery contest, one of the first official competitive sporting events for wheelchair users. Later called the Stoke Mandeville Games or the “Olympics for the Disabled,” the competition demonstrated the power of elite sport to break down barriers for disability and garnered the attention of global medical and sporting communities.  

Guttmann presenting gold medal to Tony South at the 1968 Summer Paralympics in Tel Aviv

In 1960, Guttmann facilitated the International Stoke Mandeville Games, following the 1960 Summer Olympics, the first of many Paralympic Games

He received numerous accolades for his contributions, the highest among which was being knighted by Her Majesty the Queen in 1966.

Today, Paralympic athletes are rightfully recognized for their skills and achievements. 

The Paralympic Games continue to be a driving force for promoting the rights and independence of people with disabilities, with a lasting impact on equal treatment and opportunity.

Paralympic games, London 2012 
credits: Getty Images
via BBC/ Mundo


Founder of the Paralympic Movement, Professor Sir Ludwig Guttmann was the medical pioneer who created the first Paralympic Games

Invite your students in-person lessons or remote learning to learn more about his story and legacy on Google Arts & Culture.

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