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Education : International Girls in ICT Day 2014

"Why just play Angry Birds when you could be designing it? And those opportunities are not just for boys. That’s why I’m passionate about getting more women into tech careers."

Neelie Kroes

The technology industry is recruiting and needs more women! Girls in ICT Day is our opportunity to show girls what they are missing and introduce them to ICT as an exciting career option.

And today, April 24, we celebrate Girls in ICT Day. It is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of every April and it is an initiative started by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) that aims to empower and encourage girls and young women to consider careers in the sector of technology. 

Girls in ICT Day is a time when girls can assess the impact of ICTs on their own lives and gives them the opportunity to reflect on the importance of ICTs to their future careers. It is a day where girls gain hands-on skills in ICT development, and realize that coding, blogging, or app development is a fun and creative way to make a difference in the digital world.

The purpose of the day is to inspire action and identify workable solutions at the European and global level that would address the issue of the female leaking pipeline in ICT training and careers.

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner in charge of Digital Agenda delivered a statement on girls and women in ICT #EveryGirlDigital. Watch 
 the video below:

Neelie Kroes, EU Commission, talks about the massive opportunities of ICT and digital skills for girls as well as boys!

What does Girls in ICT Day look like?

  • Fun and instructive “open days” for young girls at an ICT company, government agency, or any ICT-related institution
  • “Women in ICT career days” at local schools with guest speakers
  • Inviting women role models in ICT sector to share their experiences
  • Running contests, offering prizes and awards
  • “Hands on” experiences for young girls such as developing a mobile app
  • Career fairs
  • Mentoring and shadowing programmes

The International Girls in ICT Day is an opportunity for girls and young women to get inspired about ICT sector by getting a first-hand look into the ICT institutions and listening to women role models.
Join #GirlsinICT and organize a “Girls in ICT Day” event on or around 24 April 2014 and be a part of this initiative to empower young girls!

This activity can be done at school. Girls and teachers may interact 
  • Invite girls and young women who are at the age to choose their study or career options
  • Invite teachers and career advisers who are often not aware of the ICT sector
  • Reach out to women role models in the local ICT sector to inspire girls and young women.
  • Share examples of innovative solutions which aim at getting more girls and women into ICT jobs!

Level: All levels.
It will depend of you as teachers and the level you are teaching.
How to organize your event? 
Learn more here 
You can use the promotional materials prepared for the 2014 Girls in ICT Day and get more visibility for your event.
Banners for Web and Social Media
Flyers in English, French, and Spanish

Credits : slide Girls in ICT Day 
Follow 2014 Girls in ICT Day:
  • Take pictures and make videos of your event and we can feature your event on Girls in ICT Portal 

Girls in ICT in Geneva 2014

Share your ideas and activities to help inspire girls, educators, and the ICT industry to get involved. 

And don’t forget to tag your conversations with #GirlsinICT so Girls in ICT Day  can all follow :-)

Promoting video Girls in ICT Day 2014

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