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My thoughts about education : 2013 : great moments !

Dia de Reis | Dia de Reyes

Hello again! We are in 2014 since six days. In Portugal, Christmas season will finish today with the Dia de Reis. It is not so important as in Spain. So all the students got back to school in Portugal, today, January 6th.

In 2013, I was very happy to see my carrier recognized once again in three different moments of the year. I made new friends, met new colleagues.

As I wrote early in the year, had the great opportunity to participate at important and interesting conferences, in Portugal and in Belgium and to meet new friends, colleagues and talk again with some good friends. 

Fabio Nascimbeni
European Forum on Learning Futures and Innovation

I attended the European Forum Learning Futures and Innovation as a speaker and participant, as well the Great Lx Conference on Games and TEL (only as participant) where I met personally some colleagues that I knew working together virtually.

I wrote three scientific articles well accepted. As a speaker, I presented the first one at VISIR workshop : "Bridging formal to informal learning: cases of grassroots innovation towards scalability" invited by MENON's Director, Dr. Fabio Nascimbeni, in Brussels, on March 19th, 2013.

My visionary scientific paper "Visionary Learning in 2030: Secondary Education" on the calling upon experts and practitioners to come up with visionary papers and imaginative scenarios on how Open Education in 2030 in Europe accepted and pubilshed online in a Booklet ,in May 14th 2013;

And my third paper Time for Action: New Challenges at Secondary Education accepted at International Conference The Future of Education that took place in Florence, June 16th 2013.

I learned something new in each event and writing but the most important lesson for me was that I do miss having my own students on a full-time basis. 

Finally, take time to read printed books instead of web articles, went to some concerts at Casa da Musica, and to the movies with family or friends.

As a Linguistics and Literature professor, I really prefer a printed book in my hands. 

So, I'm ready to start a new year.


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