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Reading at school: Happy birthday Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking: Riddles Of Time & Space
Michael Lent Brian McCarthy

Stephen Hawking: Riddles Of Time & Space
Michael Lent Brian McCarthy

So, Happy Birthday Stephen Hawking ! Yes, today January 8th, we celebrate the birthday of the inspirational scientist.

No! This post is not about visual learning & Stephen Hawking. This is about reading in school.


Celebrating the birthday of Stephen Hawking reading fantastic books and ebooks in the classroom will be a lovely idea.

Here two irrefutable proposals for different targets. I hope so !

Of course you will explore with your students, as you wish. You are the teacher. You know your students. And the skills you want to develop.

Target: Secondary Education

Curricula: Cross-curricula Languages, Sciences, Arts

There a possibility of making download from iTunes but it's not free. Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. Please read here
  • The second one the children's book by Stephen Hawking George's Secret Key to the Universe written in 2007 with his daughter Lucy. And that makes the book especially endearing. Hawking co-wrote it with his daughter Lucy.


George's best friend Annie needs help. Her scientist father, Eric, is working on a space project - and it's all going wrong. A robot has landed on Mars, but is behaving very oddly. And now Annie has discovered something weird on her dad's super-computer..

In their bestselling book for young readers, noted physicist Stephen Hawking and his daughter, Lucy, provide a grand and funny adventure that explains fascinating information about our universe, including Dr. Hawking's latest ideas about black holes. 

It's the story of George, who's taken through the vastness of space by a scientist, his daughter, and their super-computer named Cosmos. George's Secret Key to the Universe was a New York Times bestseller and a selection of Al's Book Club on the Today show.

In 2007, Hawking wrote George’s Secret Key to the Universe, a charming, imaginative story about the mesmerism of space and the allure of time-travel, featuring lovely semi-Sendakian crosshatch illustrations by Garry Parsons

credits : Gary Parsons

Once upon a time...

When George's pet pig breaks through the fence into the yard next door, George meets his neighbors - Annie and her scientist father, Eric - and dicovers a secret key that opens up a whole new way of looking at the world. From outer the space. "(...)

Target: Primary Education; K12.

Curricula: Cross-curricula Languages, Sciences, Arts

George's’ Secret Key to the Universe was written to interest children in physics and the universe and is an entertaining blend of a fictional story based on Science fact, with factual text boxes explaining the Science throughout. 

On publication in September 2007 contained brand new information about black holes. The book is a global bestseller, with rights sold in over 30 languages. 

Books online: Students can read online George's Secret Key to the Universe here. Kindle edition here

There are two other books that complete the scientific saga. As you will hear from Stephen Hawking on the video below. George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt (2008) and third book of the serie George and the Big Bang (2009)

The second book about George has him going on a treasure hunt in space. The second in the series of children's books written by Stephen and Lucy Hawking. George and Annie, the middle-school cosmologists, return in this sequel to the 2007 story,George's Secret Key to the Universe.

George and the Big Bang includes essays by some of world’s most important cosmologists, brilliant illustrations by Garry Parsons, a thrilling plot line and a series of easy to read scientific inserts. 

With a full colour set of photographs, illustrating the wonder of the cosmos, George and the Big Bang, the final volume of the trilogy, brings George’s adventures in the universe to a fitting close…

Other Resources: Videos

You can complete the Stephen Hawking's presentation in your classroom discussing the videos below with your students.

Hope Stephen Hawking have a long life ! Stephen Hawking is regarded as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists since Einstein.

Happy Birthday Stephen Hawking !


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