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April rundown of the most read posts & Claude Shannon !

Claude Shannon
Alfred Eisenstaedt / The Life Picture Collection / Getty

How a hundred years after his birth, Claude Shannon’s fingerprints are on every electronic device we own. Shannon was a Member in the School of Mathematics from 1940–41?

Google Doodle:

Claude Shannon's 100th Birthday
doodler: the artist Nate Swinehart

Last Saturday, 30 April, Google celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Claude Shannon with an interactive Doodle. The creative Doodle by Nate Swinehart celebrated the brilliance and lightheartedness of the father of modern digital communication.

In its time the Google Doodle has celebrated mathematicians such as, George Boole and Hertha Marks Ayrton - as well codebreaker Alan Turing, the 100th anniversary of whose birth was 23 June 2012.
Now it is the turn of Claude Shannon, who worked with Turing on Allied code breaking during the Second World War - not at Bletchley Park, but in Washington, where Turing had been seconded in 1943 to bring the US up to speed with British crypt analytic developments. 

Claude Shannon
credits: Getty

Claude Elwood Shannon is often described as the father of the information age who created the term "bit", short for binary digits. 

It'impossible to overstate the legacy of Claude Shannon. The paper he wrote for his master’s thesis is the foundation of electronic digital computing.  

Claude Shannon
Alfred Eisenstaedt / The Life Picture Collection / Getty

His most famous work is A Mathematical Theory of Communication (1949) in which Shannon introduced information theory, the branch of mathematics focused on transmitting digital data. 

It was in this masterpiece that he coined the term "bit", the fundamental unit of information which relates to digital certainty: true or false, on or off, yes or no.

Include this Doodle into your sciences and math curriculum at school and let your students discover the incredible sicentific work of Claude Elwood Shannon's research work as possible.
Discuss with your students the importance of this mathematician to modern digital communication.
I couldn't miss this Doodle (my usual readers know I am a fan of Doodles, a awesome resource to introduce any theme in the classroom) as the introduction of the rundown of the most read posts in April.

Here are the most popular posts of the last month:

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Hope you enjoyed the different themes and resources published on April on my blog It was a fantastic month full of good themes - books, ICT, arts, environment, animated movies - different pedagogical resources to motivate some of your lessons.

I'm back to posting the normal roundup every week. 


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