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Schools : Art & Pop Music at Musée du Louvre au Louvre

"Profondément marqué par sa visite du plus grand musée du monde, a ensuite puisé son inspiration de cette expérience pour imaginer le clip de la chanson « Monna Lisa Smile »."

Google Doodle Long Night of Museums in Europe 2016

The long night of Museums in Europe 2016 is approaching. On this night, local cultural institutions will stay open extra-late to celebrate culture, science, and education.

In antecipation of the next post I would like to share with teachers all over the world a R&B and Art project.

Last April 12, 2016 the Musée du Louvre & presented au LouvreIn an exclusive launch on dailymotion last April, unveiled two new works in association with the Louvre: Feat Nicole Scherzinger
Mona Lisa

The artist expounds on parallels between technological inventions, the cult of celebrity, and the social media of today and tomorrow. 

He is joined in the video by David Rowan, editor of the magazine Wired UK, and Frédéric Dassas, curator at the Department of Decorative Arts of the Musée du Louvre.

This remarkable and unprecedented collaboration is the fruit of many years of work. 

In 2010, the Louvre welcomed a production team from New York to film a documentary that was part of the “Visionaries” series. 

This episode was devoted to and used to launch Oprah Winfrey’s TV channel, OWN. ft The Astronomer
Johannes Vermeer

Deeply inspired by his visit to the Musée du Louvre, the world's largest museum, tapped into the experience to create a video for the song Mona Lisa Smile.

But the creative juices didn’t stop there: the artist sought to perpetuate, and especially share with others, his great appreciation for the museum by producing a documentary on the newly renovated rooms of the Department of Decorative Arts and the surrounding galleries.

Metropolitain Museum Art, New York
credits: UTS University


The Louvre, encouraged by the artist’s keen interest in a wide range of artistic expression and commitment to educating today’s youth, is very pleased to play such a prominent role in his enthusiasm for ancient art and desire to share his passion.

Of course you remember my post Schools: Take a Selfie with a Painting. Such a huge success at school! Students loved the project and they made an incredible job.

Now, here a new project Art & Tech to include into the school curriculum to prepare your students to the long night of the Museums?

The Black Eyed Peas

Students know who is hardly needs an introduction. His artistry runs the gamut, from DJ to musician, rapper, singer, and producer.

Born William James Adams, Jr., is the founding member of the Black Eyed Peas, one of the most prominent bands of the past decade. 

In 2003, when Fergie joined the group, the band was propelled to stardom, selling 46 million albums winning six Grammy Awards and six NRJ Music Awards. has an insatiable curiosity and passion for all kinds of new technology, he created some interesting tech staff.
The Foundation
credits: Getty Images

But is true philanthropist. has leveraged his fame over the years to fight for causes he believes in.

With a commitment "to inspire kids to stay in school and go to college to become the leaders of tomorrow", advocates regarding the importance and power of a good education through his angel foundation.  

The scholarship provides future leaders and innovators with comprehensive financial assistance to complete post-secondary education.   

The Foundation has also created (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), an elementary and middle school initiative to provide underserved students with learning and interaction opportunities beyond the classroom in collaboration with Discovery Education.  

In addition, the angel foundation is also active in the U.K. through a STEM education and computer skills joint initiative with The Prince’s Trust.

You must say to your students how awesome is. Not only as a musician. Let the students know this wonderful humanitarian side of this great man.

«Mona Lisa Smile» de ft. Nicole Scherzinger 
© capture screen

Some thoughts:

Why not adapt Mona Lisa Smile ft Nicole Scherzinger in school curriculum and develop a cross-curricular project to enhance learning in Arts and technology. Students will be so excited! au Louvre willl be an wonderful activity to motivate students to admire classical painting, don't you think?

Cross-curricular p projet: Languages ; Arts ; Music ; History ; ICT.

Target: All grades (different activities, of course) ; High school ; Vocational school.


  • Students must choose a 'alive portrait and do some reseach on the painting;
  • Organize a school visit at a museum near your school;
  • Check to see if photography is allowed. Ask for permission to take photos during the visit ; 
  • Remember the students not to touch/accidentally fall into the painting and/or annoy the custodians or other visitors ;
  • Invite the students to take a pic from a painting. Let them free to choose the painting;
  • Students must get some information about the painting they chose at the museum as well;
  • After the school visit, students will do their alive paintng with the help of ICT.
  • Present an exhibition from your class at the school library. It will be a success! 

Of course you can develop some other activities. It's up to you to be creative.



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