Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween in a cultural way at school

It's Halloween! And we all know that students like Halloween! So every educator has one or two activities in the classroom about Halloween.

National Geographic published an interesting article that can be used in the schools as a good resource for educators and students.
The article includes a wonderful list of useful links that educators can explore on their own way, according students' profile they are teaching.


Halloween is a cross-curricula subject and students can demonstrate their creativity in different matters. At the same time, they will evolve curricular skills.

Curricula: Languages, Arts, Music, Civics
All levels: (primary, elementary, high junior education)

Students will be encouraged to be creative using their own smart phones and digital tablets in the classroom, devices that help to better preparing students to thrive in an increasingly digital world. And they love it! They are active in the activities that teachers propose for the course.

Speaking about Halloween| Have you watched how Google doodle team and friends had funny carving giant pumpkins in the Halloween spirit?



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The National Geographic: Halloween 2011: Top Costumes, History, Myths, More

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