Thursday, November 3, 2011

National Geographic, an interesting open resource

Amazing! Appshaker recently launched this unique way for people to interact with the fantastic world of National Geographic's content from around the globe.

Using the principles of augmented reality, people could immerse themselves in different scenes such as dolphins, leopards, the space landings, dinosaurs and more.

I was completely surrendered! Didn't you? I wish I could be there to share this incredible experience.

Now, thousands of people interacted with the National Geographic brand in the process as it toured Hungary, with thousands more people sharing snapshots and video on Facebook as a result.


National Geopgraphic Education is a powerful open educational resource that we  must not waste as educators.

Go visit the new website (Beta). It contains teaching resources, multimedia,  mapping, news and references and much more.

For example MapMak Interactive (Beta) is one of the interesting resources that Geographic teachers can introduce into the classroom.

Watch how download MapMaker Kids here

On Education Blog you will find another interesting one: Expedition Week.

"Now in its fourth year, National Geographic Channel's defining event, Expedition Week, takes viewers to the farthest reaches of the world - and their imaginations - with a week of programming dedicated to the thrill of discovery. Expedition Week premieres Monday, November 7, 2011 at 8pm ET/PT on National Geographic Channel." 

This is a good motivation to involve your students in a different Geography activity in the curriculum.

On the National Geoographic website, you will find resources for different levels of Education, from Primary to Secondary Education.

Photo courtesy of Curtis Malarkey

During the last years, Open Educational Resources movement has grown, so as their important value in the school curricula. 

Students are captivated to have the pleasure to learn.

"Nobody knows everything, everybody knows something". 

Pierre Lévy


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