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Halloween: Have a scary class today !

Google Doodle Halloween 2013

Wow! Google creatives are awesome. It's Halloween which means Google has offered us an adorable interactive Doodlefeaturing a witch mixing potions.

Google Doodle Halloween 2013

Can you imagine how students will love to become a witch for some moments? We all know that students like Halloween! So every educator has one or two activities in the classroom about Halloween.

It's already Halloween in some countries, already live in Australia (and now everywhere) a new doodle for the holiday, which lets users become a witch and create a witch's brew.

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Credits: National Geographic

Halloween is also called All Hallows' Eve. As it falls on the eve of All Saints' Day, it has a religious significance for some Christians otherwise it is nowadays observed largely as a secular celebration.

Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31 in a number of countries around the world. And like last years, Google is celebrating the event with an interactive doodle. 


We all know that students like Halloween! So every educator has prepared one or two activities to Halloween's lesson. And this Google Doodle is a superb digital resource! 

The Halloween Doodle features a witch flipping through the pages of a book which seems to include information about witchcraft.

As students press the play button, the witch appears and starts practicing witchery. 

In this Doodle, there are four different items, including an apple, bone, bottle and skull, available to the witch for performing witchery. 

The witch needs two items to do witchery and cast an evil spell. She lets you choose those items and produce spooky results. To add to the atmosphere there is also an eerie sound playing in the background.
Students can combine various ingredients to play mini games, from whack-a-mole with the undead, to a shell game where your goal is to find a mummy in a coffin. 

There are several others, which can be found with experimentation. Let students discover it. Young people are very intuitive about technology and games.
That's about all you can do with this one, so if you're looking for an ending, it's a bit of a cliff-hanger.


Of course, teachers must have other activities to propose to students: 
  • Music;
  • Video games;
  • Scary movies;
  • Books;
  • Printable Halloween masks;

Halloween is a cross-curricula subject and students can demonstrate their creativity in different curriculum At the same time, they will evolve curricular skills introduced by teachers.
Curricula: Languages and Literature; Sciences; History; Arts; Music; Civics.
Grade level: primary, elementary, high junior education.

Explore the literature, customs, history of Halloween, using books, games, music, films and other resources. 

Students love this autumn holiday – take advantage of it and integrate these Halloween resources into any of your classes to enhance cross-curricular study for all grade levels.

Students will be encouraged to be creative using their own smart phones and tablets in the classroom. They are living in an increasingly digital world. 

And they love it, of course! They are active and work well on the activities that teachers propose for each lesson.

Students love this autumn holiday. Take advantage of it and integrate these Halloween resources into any of your classes to enhance cross-curricular study for all grade levels.

Happy Halloween !


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