Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday time!

A fantastic live exhibition of Mario Biondi, an italian singer, son of a popular song singer, during his youth sang in various small choirs.

After a long series of participations with Italian and international artists, and a small production of disco music, during 2006 he achieved success with the Schema Records album "Handful of Soul". 

Mario doubted he might be able to reproduce stylistically songs of the classic American repertoire such as "Slow Hot Wind" and "On A Clear Day", or even "A Handful Of Soul". 

The result instead can be stunning to most. In this album, not only he delivers a very convincing interpretation but his voice adds a different colour to the music.

Read more about Mario Biondi on All About Jazz (Italian language)

His deep and warm voice recalls the great interpreters of soul and rhythm and blues music.

Yeah! Nice song for a relaxing Sunday! Smoothy jazz!


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(because it's Sunday time!)


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