Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September rundown of the most read posts

Photo: José Oliveira

As Summer into Autumn slips
And yet we sooner say
"The Summer" than "the Autumn," lest
We turn the sun away,(...)

Emily Dickinson, As Summer into Autumn slips

Autumn is back. It's the time to say good bye to the walks on the beach. And today it's raining. Just to remind us that Summer ends.Not a nice time to go outside for a walk as I usually do when the time is nice.

September was a month of different subjects : Literature, science, environment, languages, music, special days or events. You will find post written in English, French and Portuguese.

Here my list of the most popular posts of the month:

EUCYS2014 : The European Union Contest for Young Scientists

Schools : Teaching Leo Tolstoy novels 

World Teachers' Day : Respect4Teachers 

Éducation : Pas de Planète B !

Let's talk European Languages : Languages matter !

Schools : International Literacy Day 2014 

Éducation : Langues Français vs. Anglais 

Have fun learning Science : Researchers' Night 

Música Inclusiva nas escolas : Music Day 

Schools : International Day of Charity

Escolas : Concurso mo Museu, desafio à criatidade 

Education : Photo Competition for Young Europeans

I can't finish this post without remember Steve Jobs. Yesterday, October 5 exactly three years ago Steve Jobs left us. But his legacy will last forever. Steve not only created one of the world's most valuable enterprise but his perspective on technology in education (iPads) have and will continue to inspire us to teach using technology to enhance learning. On his third death anniversary, here my tribute. 

Here is the Steve jobs inspiring speech which teaches most important life lesson for students, entrepreneurs, teachers, employees and everybody else. 

"Focus on what you have in order to create what you want."
Steve Jobs
Wherever you are, don't lose your joy and spontaneity of teaching. Teaching is a challenging job with many unique frustrations, but the rewards of teaching are numerable. Keep that in mind.

I'm back to posting the normal roundup this week.


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