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Annual MEDEA Awards finalists 2011

The MEDEA Secretariat announced on the press release published on October 28th the 9 finalists for the MEDEA awards 2011.

The finalists presented on the showcase are (in alphabetical order): Armi di distruzione di massa created by AvoVideo Laboratory of the technical secondary school ITIS "Avogadro" (Italy); Changing Lives created by Deirdre Flood (Ireland); Imprinting created and directed by teachers and students of the junior secondary school A. Brofferio (Italy);  INgeBEELD Media Wisdom Platform created by CANON Cultural Unit of the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training (Belgium); Monkey Tales by die Keure Educatief and Larian Studios (Belgium); The European Chain Reaction created by Dave Schrauwen, a teacher in the primary school Qworzó (Belgium); The Merchant of Venice created by Prof Uwe Gutwirth, PH-Salzburg of University of Education Salzburg (Austria); Twig created by Twig (UK); Werner Heisenberg produced by INTER/AKTION GmbH (Germany).

Armi di distruzione di massa (video)

Changing Lives (video)

Imprinting (video clips)

 INgeBEELD Media Wisdom Platform

Monkey Tales (3D video game)

The European Chain Reaction (project)

The Merchant of Venice 
(online educational game)

 Twig (online learning platform)

 Werner Heisenberg (documentary)

Once again, I have been invited by Nikki Cortoos to being a judge at MEDEA Awards 2011, as I have been in 2009 and 2010

As e-Evaluator of Educational Resources specialized by the University of Evora  and Catholic University of Portugal - UCP/BiotechnologyI commited myself through a careful analysis in all the areas of the projects evaluation. 

For several days, verifying carefully the entries, testing and checking all the items of the evaluation  process, in a serious commitment.

It is an expertise job that we give unambiguous consistency, independence, and extreme relief.

The 9 finalists for the 2011 Annual MEDEA Awards are known and the overall winner will be announced during the MEDEA Awards Ceremony which takes place on Thursday November 24th during the Media & Learning Conference 2011 in Brussels. 

"This year the competition attracted 115 entries from  28  countries. Those entering could choose between submitting their entry as a production made by a professional company or semi-professional production unit or as one made by individual teachers, students, learners, parents, professors, supporting staff or institutions in all educational levels or training centres.


The finalists were chosen by a jury made up of  75  education and media experts from  15  countries who evaluated the MEDEA entries in late September and early October."

All the finalists projects include an interesting and creative message, no doubt. Students and teachers invested deeply to share wonderful pedagogical experiences and good activiteas.

However, I would like to choose one finalist in particular. The video Armi di distruzione di massa.

Education: some conclusions

Safety road for young people is a crucial problem in all European countries. 

The alcohol is the new addiction of a great number of kids. They began to drink younger and younger, every year. The reports are clear.

We don't see these kind of pedagogical publicity|spots in school curricula, even less in European contests.

The USA already have an important safety road campaign for young people in the schools.

Spots like Armi di distruzione di massa might be an important resource to include in school curricula (Civics). 

Helping students to distinguish the right behaviour is a part of social learning that school education must consider.

And "Armi di distruzioni di massa" will be a good pedagogical resource that goes strait to the point!

The message is very attractive for young people and they really understand what a bad behavior can cause. 

There is a major value: it is an awareness raising video for students aged 14 years and above, created by students of theTechnical Secondary School ITIS “Avogadro” (Italy). 

Students enjoy and well accept very well projects created by other students. They feel the message more closely.

The video resource can be integrated in school curricula (Civics) spreading the importance of not drinking when students are driving.

The message is very attractive for young people and they really understand what a bad behavior can cause.

For the third year, I am honoured about the invitation to participate in the cerimony! I don't know yet if I can join the Secretariat and the finalists of MEDEA Awards 2011 as I did last two years.

For the moment, my sincere congratulations to all the finalists! Students, teachers and producers proved that creativity has no barriers!

Credits: video and images MEDEA Awards

G-Souto (member of the jury)

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