Friday, November 18, 2011

Mickey Mouse brings magic to your lessons

Credits vídeo: Mickey Mouse | Facebook
Mickey Mouse is 83 years? No! Is that possible? Today, November 18th, Disney celebrates Mickey's birthday! 
Do you see  what happens when Mickey and his friends combine the magic of Walt Disney World with the energy of Times Square? Really magic!
The Disney characters appear larger than life (augmented reality) and engage with people in the street in unique one-of-a-kind experiences.
Videos are wonderful and useful digital resources to include in your lessons as a motivation or as na explanation about some subjects of the curriculum
Mickey's vídeo could be a good resource to explain 3D technique to your students.
Curriculum: Arts.
Level: Primary Education; K12 Education.
Other interesting experience, tihs time with Google:
For now, if you living in New York City, invite your students and you will find Mickey Mouse and his friends in front of the Disney store on Broadway at 45th Street.
A wonderful Saturday on Times Square, for everyone! I wish be there!
Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

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Credits: video Walt Disney World| Facebook
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