Friday, April 22, 2011

Ensino : Earth Day 2011

Google doodle

This slideshare was created by my students and me to celebrate Earth Day 2008 and it is published on Earth Day Network March, 8, 2008. 

The students were participating at Earth Day for the 1st time.  Unfortunally, the Eart Day Network for schools 2011 has been shut down and we lost our slideshare published there (no copy). What a waste of time from my students and myself.

We wrote to Earth Day to ask for a link or copy of our slideshare but no answer...

Google doodle

So I exchange it and published the Google doodle Earth Day 2011. It's a lovely interactive doodle that starting with Asia, the doodle walks users through Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and America.

This year's Earth Day doodle started with a desire to depict different environments around the world. 

When we hover over various parts of the doodle, we may catch a salmon swimming up stream, parrots darting through the sky, a frog leaping across the grass, a bear having a snack, a koala performing gymnastics, a sleepy lion, butterflies rustling trees, a penguin sliding down an iceberg, and a sneezing baby panda.

Google surpreende-nos mais uma vez! Hoje Google presenteia todos os ambientalistas com um doodle interactivo encantador! Nele, podemos admirar todos os elementos fundamentais da Natureza: água, árvores, pássaros, animais, peixes, borboletas, pinguins, coelhos, e animais em vias de extinção.

Google doodle on Earth Day 2011, today April 22, inspires every environment lover. 

The doodle is designed by taking the background image of all environmental issues and the nature. Water, trees, birds, animals, fishes, butterflies, penguins, rabbits, and what not, the doodle displays all the endangered species of animals along with the natural sources. 

Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the natural environment of the earth.

Não percam! Vão à página principal de Google e admirem este doodle interactivo ! Google doodle junta-se assim a Earth Day 2011.

E já sabem! Um acto verde nosso pode fazer toda a diferença.

A Billion Acts of Green!

Happy Earth Day 2011


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