Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth Day 2011: a story about the Forest

Forests provide the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.  Forests also provide us with the wood and paper products we use every day.

Listen Franke James, author and artist in a creative personal story for FSC Canada on the video below

Who cares about the Forest? from Franke James on Vimeo.

A lovely story about the forests isn'it? Franke is the author of Bothered By My Green Conscience which merges science, art and storytelling to inspire people to take action and “do the hardest thing first” for the planet.

So, let's continue to inspire our students for Earth Day 2011 


  • Display the video in the classroom (primary and elementary school)
  • Let your students use iPad or smartphone to read 'Who cares about the Forest' as a visual essay here 
  • Students are invited to a storytelling about Earth and some visual essays to complete their story.
  • Students can visit Franke James' website (edutators tutoring) and leave a comment to the author.

I will be back with another act of green in the school

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Credits: video and visual essay Franke James


FSC Canada

Franke James, Who cares about the Forest

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  1. Thnx so much for sharing my forest story! You've done a lovely job of presenting it in a short format!

    Franke James

  2. G-Souto,

    Here's an additional item which you can add to my comment if you want.

    I LOVED your exercises for teachers and add it as my reply to your comment on my site. I credited you.


  3. You're welcome, Franke :-)

    It's a lovely story! And your visual essay is fantastic! Captivating!

    A good story to celebrate the Forest at Earth Day, April 22.
    Students will love to read it. They will feel motivated to develop creative activities in the classroom, I'm sure ;-)


  4. Thank you Franke ;-)

    As you told me that you designed the video to be the right screen size on ipad, I add iPad as a tool for students to use in the classroom.

    I would suggest iPad but I didn't found the right information. So I only suggested smartphones.

    Now, there it is!