Friday, April 29, 2011

World Dance Day at school ! Dance, dance, dance !

Pina Bausch 1940-2009
credits : Wilfried Krüeger

"The urge to dance is a natural impulse, dancers worship nature in their way, they connect with the universe and feel its juices trickle into them." 
April 29 is International Dance Day. "International Dance Day" was established in 1982 by the International Dance Council (CID) of UNESCO to bring attention to the art of dance every year on April 29, Jean-Georges Noverre's birthday(1727),  a French dancer and balletmaster, generally considered the creator of ballet d'action, a precursor of the narrative ballets of the 19th century.

 "Dance, dance, dance, otherwise we are lost."

Pina Bausch
Wim Wenders dedicated this extraordinary documentary to Pina Bausch. In my opinion one of most beautiful tributes to the art of dancing.

Pina Bausch died 30 June 2009. She will be remembered as one of the most significant choreographers of the twentieth century.
Dance is also a good therapy for young people in school. Dance movement therapy and the power of dance is used to inspire, uplift and heal.
Dance is a fun and fresh integrative part in the curricula. Sir Ken Robinson's TED lectures on education and creativity are very inspiring about free expression of  children in school.
There will be many performances in colleges and out of doors today. So, don't miss the opportunity to let your students express themselves by dancing in the school gardens, for example.

Like moss on a stone | Pina Bausch
photo: Rolf Ebertowski
"All through the year we teach dance, we rehearse, we perform within four walls. On this special day dedicated to dance, let us mark the difference by practising, teaching or performing for everyone to see. It might be cold and rainy, the floor is certainly not good enough, the wind takes the music away, but the beauty in those movements and the joy on those faces will brighten the hearts of the spontaneous audience of passers-by."
President of the International Dance Council CID UNESCO, Paris 

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