Sunday, April 17, 2011

Melody Gardot in a Sunday afternoon

Melody Gardot/ Casa da Música
Phtography: Paulo Costa

"Her sultry voice has made Melody Gardot an international sensation. Her latest album, "My One and Only Thrill," has dazzled critics in the U.S., and sold more than half a million copies in Europe."

Melody Gardot performed at Casa da Musica, July 06.2010. She presented the second album, My One and Only (2009). 

Melody Gardot, singer, songwriter, piano player and guitar player is one  of jazz singers leading lights, at the moment with her melodious voice. She mix blues and 'chanson', surrounded by four good musicians who supported incredibly the quality of the themes and the physical conditions of Melody Gardot.

A good instrumental introduction in jazz music: the cello! I would say that it is almost a concept of innovation in jazz! Rarely I hear a cello in jazz concertsTo me, the most creative musician on stage that night.

There’s something to watch her singing! The audience were convinced that this Philadelphian singer happens to be one of the world's greatest jazz singer-songwriters. Wedeeply applauded her talent! And her musicians!

"Jazz sensation Melody Gardot’s grief-stricken, yet inspirational, journey to stardom is captured in Melody Gardot: The Accidental Musician."


(in a pleasing Sunday afternoon)
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