Sunday, March 20, 2011

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011: Grand Finale live

You do remember 'YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011' here? Of course you do!

What began with auditions from around the world uploaded to YouTube, millions of video views, and hours of rehearsals, finally comes to life today Sunday, March 20. 

It has been an extraordinary experience for the 101 winning musicians of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, and today their collaborative experience will come to life at Sydney Opera House. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

The week-long YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 festival included musical collaboration between orchestra members and world-class mentorsoutdoor performances, local Aussie experiences, ensemble concerts and so much more!

The 'Grand Finale' is here! The Orchestra is rehearsing like crazy and tensions are starting to build. They're from over thirty countries and different backgrounds, they're all different ages and have different styles of playing, and very soon, they've got a concert to put on.

You can visualize the profile of the musicians here. For example, Pedro, a young trumpet musician from Portugal! On the right side of Google map, you can see the different instruments. 

Clicking on trumpet, the map gives you a big zoom on Portugal and you will see Pedro and his profile! Same with all the musicians!

So, today the creativity and technology that have powered this journey will literally light up Sydney Opera House with animated visuals on the interior and exterior projections on the iconic sails, all synchronised to the music of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011’s performance.

You can join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter to encourage your musicians fot the Grand Finale.

The Grand Finale performance by YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 will be accompanied by spectacular projections by Obscura Digital on the iconic sails of Sydney Opera House. Tune in on Sunday 20th March from 8pm Sydney time for the live concert which will be rebroadcasted throughout the day in your city.
Watch the concert streamed live on the channel or through the mobile app.

"Sydney Opera House is committed to providing an arts education experience to as many children as possible. Through YouTube’s support we can bring our significant education program more fully to life in the digital environment."
Sydney Opera House


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