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Art Academy DS used at Museu Berardo

Art Academy Nintendo DS game

Art Academy, Nintendo DS game released October, 25 2010, will be used in some pedagogical workshops about painting and drawing for young students (7-12 years-old) at Museu Colecção Berardo, in Lisbon, Portugal. Watch the video here

Art Academy lesson in the Museum

"The workshops aims to teach the younger people to draw and paint in a simple and intuitive way" - said the organization.

"Art Academy offers simple, easy to understand art lessons with a virtual teacher that you can take at your own pace."

Art Academy Nintendo DS in the Museum

The first workshop took place yesterday, March 13, 2011. The second workshop will take place March, 27 2011.

During the 1st workshop 'Watching - Knowing - Transforming' - the aim was learning new ways to explore some painting masterpieces using Art Academy.

During the 1st workshop, the young students  tried, captured, and explored what they liked  most of the Berardo Museum exhibition and after they had to develop their ideas using Art Academy.

Art Academy DS in Berardo Musem, Portugal

The second workshop that will take place March 27, under the same thematic of the first one wich is 'Watching - Knowing - Transforming', the students may use the camera of the DS and capture several spaces of the Museum Berardo and  after they may reproduce by mimicking using Art Academy as a tool.

This is a very innovative experience done in art workshops at a Museum to initiate young students in the art of painting.

Read more about Art Academy Nintendo DS game here

In the video below of Museum Colecção Berardothe Coordinator of the Educational department of the Museum introduces the painter Luigi Colombo "Fillia" (Berardo Museum) and an expert shows how she can mimic the painting with Art Academy DS Nintendo (Portuguese):

"Art Academy is not a game! It's also a school of art!"


Arts teachers can introduce Art Academy Ds in Arts curriculum. It is a wonderful tool to initiate the students in the art of drawing and painting.

These workshops for young people at Museu colecção Berardo are an inspirational example to apply Art Nintendo in the classroom.

And why not? Go to the Museum with your students to have a real Arts lesson!

"What if, instead of seeing school the way we’ve known it, we saw it for what our children dreamed it might be: a big, delicious video game?"

Sara Corbett, NYT


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Art Academy

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