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President Obama : Stop Bullying, a project against bullying in school

"There is "a crisis at the heart of our society" and youngsters are being 'demonised'by the adult population."

Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green*

The President Obama and First Lady of United States have recorded a Facebook message in advance of the 'White House Conference on Bullying Prevention' here which includes teachers, students, and community leaders, at the White House today, March 10, 2011 plans to have live video throughout the day, as well as online chats. They're taking questions for one of them on the White House blog  here. You can also RSVP for a 'DC Facebook live' chat and you can hereLearn more at

This is an important message! A word that could be spread by other important leaders. We all know the importance of social media as Facebook in the life of our students.

Some years ago, I developed some anti-bullying projects in the school: SOS! Bullying au collège (French, Civics curricula); Violência na Escola (Portuguese, Civics curricula). 

The projects have been extended to my students, their parents, other educators. They are well described and published on this blog:
  • SOS! Bullying au collège - June 8, 2008 (French). Read here
  • Violência na Escola - February 20, 2008 (Portuguese). Read here

The project has been published by demand of French pedagogical website É The title is "Je suis pas comme les autres! je dis Non à la violence", June 7, 2005. Read here


Speaking about using videos in the classroom, yesterday! This  can be a good video to watch and discuss in the classroom. 

You have some examples of good practices, reading my article and projects that contain all the details to develop similar projects in your school with your students.

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Don't forget to involve the parents of your students! And some educators of different curriculum.

As you could read, it's important to invite your colleagues to develop a cross-curricula project. 
This will have a bigger impact in the school on the  prevention of the same problem: Bullying between students.

"Je crois véritablement que les individus peuvent faire la différence dans la societé"

Dalaï Lama, 1992


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