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Schools : Apps History & Culture - Hello Lisbon in AR !

Rewind Cities Lisbon (app)

Lisbon is a city full of history often hidden under the effects of natural causes, of neglect of its citizens and decision makers or simply by urban development.

Rewind Cities Lisbon is more than a touristic app, it’s a resource to an amazing and magical journey to a city’s past for students and teachers.

Rewind Cities Lisbon (app)


With the app Rewind Cities Lisbon, and augmented reality technology, your students in History curriculum are sent on a journey into the past of Lisbon which will reveal its "history, heritage and culture", transforming their smartphones or tablets into an authentic pocket time machine, allowing them to see the past superimposed over the reality they see in their device.

screenshot Rewind Cities Lisbon (app)

screenshot Rewind Cities Lisbon (app)

How it works:
Rewind Cities Lisbon works totally offline, so your students don’t have to worry about roaming rates at school if it has'nt wireless.
Download the contents before you start your lesson and invite your students to do the same. Now you are prepared to develop your course teaching about Lisbon - history, heritage and culture - enjoying Lisbon and the lesson to the fullest.

screenshot Rewind Cities Lisbon (app)

A bit of History?

Rewind Cities Lisbon takes your students on a journey into the past and takes them to Rua de S. Bento where in 1758 was built the S. Bento Arch. 

In 1938, during the redevelopment of the surrounding area of the Palace of the King’s Courts, currently the Parliament, it was dismantled and its stones numbered, remaining so for 60 years, first in the gardens of the Ajuda Palace, then in Praça de Espanha, where it was finally rebuilt in 1998.

All augmented reality AR experiences require that you guide your students to its specific point of interest. 
Just ask your students to place themselves exactly on the marker, and when it turns pink activate the experience.

screenshot Rewind Cities Lisbon (app)

screenshot Rewind Cities Lisbon (app)
The App Rewind Cities Lisbon is a mobile application based on the augmented reality concept, and through the Next Reality ® platform allows a new city experience.

Rewind Cities Lisbon is more than a simple app: It's a real journey to an amazing and magical journey to a city’s past.

Android, iPhore, iPad 
iTunes; GooglePlay
Price: Free
High school; Secondary education.

History, Geography, History of Portugal; Arts and Culture in European countries; Technology.

Rewind Cities Lisbon (app)
Some thoughts:
This app was not created for students. But I think it's a great educational resource to include into History lessons, Arts and Culture and Techonology/AR.
Perfect for the expert historians, teachers, local or not schools, to study History of Portugal and  World Heritage Sites.
Your students, Portuguese or not, will learn in a funny and modern way about the history of Lisbon, Portugal.

A real time machine?
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