Sunday, September 4, 2016

August in review : the most read posts of the month & Rio Paralympics

Rio Paralympic Games 2016 start the 7 September. The 7 September will take place the Opening Ceremony. The 8 September, over 4,000 athletes are competing in the first edition of the South American Paralympic Games. 

4 023 ,000 athletes and support team members are already staying in huge complex. Party atmosphere sweeps Olympic Village. 

About 160 member nations of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) are expected to compete in 534 events at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games

There is a Refugee Olympic Team as at the Rio 2016 Games last August. They are 10 refugee athlets.

The official list of participants will be confirmed shortly before the Games begin, once the competition for places concludes.

Tom, the mascot

We are all excited! Don't you? Two days left. Jobim and Tom, the mascots Rio2016 are very happy, see?

Ok. So it's time to end the introduction of the rundown of the most read posts in August.

Here are the most popular posts of the last month:

Éducation : L'Ours Montagne, un film d'animation dans les cours de langues 

Schools : Rio 2016 - Olympic Games, resources 

Civics education : World Humanitarian Day 2016 

Éducation : On va au Musée chasser Pokémon Go ? 

Schools : Let's talk about Intl Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 

This year, Summer was a great season in my country, Portugal. So hot yet and we are in September. We can go to the beach. Wonderful days. 

A lot schools all over the world started their new years last week. The rest will be back in session this week and next week. If you recently started your new school year, I hope that it is off to a great start.

Well, I will be back to posting some ideas and educational resources. 



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