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Photo Competition 2016 for Young - Hotter, Drier, Wetter. Face the Future.

WMO Photo Competition 2016

WMO is holding a photo competition on the 2016 World Meteorological Day theme: “Hotter, drier, wetter. Face the Future.”

The theme has been chosen to illustrate the reality of climate change. As a result of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, land and sea surface temperatures are rising. The frequency and intensity of extreme events like heatwaves and heavy rainfall is increasing. Without urgent action to cut carbon dioxide emissions, this trend will accelerate.
Who can participate:
Young people are especially encouraged to submit photographs, but there is no age limitation. We are keen to encourage a good geographical balance of photos.

Not si inspired? Check out last year's winning photog. Awesome photos.

Chased by the Storm, Texas, USA 
credits : Marko Korosec

How to enter:
  • Take a striking photo that meets our submission guidelines and captures weather extremes like heat, drought, heavy rain, snow and flood. It can also depict how we can prepare for future climate. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Fill out the mandatory online ENTRY FORM and attach your photo. Don’t forget a short explanatory caption and location for your image!
  • Want to e-mail your entry instead? No problem! Fill out the mandatory Entry Form with your photo attached and e-mail it to
Submission Guidelines:
  • All photos must be a minimum size of 10cms to 15cms and in high resolution (minimum 300 DPI).
  • All photos must be submitted in JPEG or TIFF format (with little compression to preserve image quality.
  • Black and white photographs as well as coloured photographs will be accepted.

N.B. WMO will require a higher-resolution for shortlisted photographs of at least A3 (42 x 30 cm or 30 x 16.5 inches) at 300 dpi, minimum size of 9000 x 5000 in pixels.
Judging Criteria:
Read on the WMO website here
No cash prize will be offered to winners of the photo contest.

Deadline : 29 June 2015 

Extended deadline : 13 July 2015 - midnight (CEST)


Winning entries will feature in the 2016 WMO calendar, showcase on the WMO website and Flickr gallery, and feature on the WMO Facebook Timeline.


"Look deep into nature, 
and then you will understand everything better." 

Albert Einstein

All my usual readers know that I am a huge fan of Environmental education as a cross-curricular activity. There are so many posts about the theme on my blog!

Now, here an interesting contest outdoor. The WMO Photo competition invites everyone - students, photographers, young people who like photography, in every part of the world, to share photos that visually capture climate change.

Environmental and outdoor education play an important role for young students personal and academic growth. With students now spending 90% of their time indoors, “nature deficit disorder” is on the rise. 

Nature Deficit Disorder is not a medical condition - it describes our lack of a relationship to the environment. It hurts children, families, communities, and environment. Luckily, the cure starts in our own backyards, streets, nature parks.

Getting kids outside teaches them about the world around them and gives them an appreciation for nature while providing an opportunity for sunshine and exercise.

It would be interesting if teachers motivate their students to understand the reasons of climate change.

The contest could be a creative actvity to introduce in different curriculum or even better as a cross-curricular project.

Target : All levels (teachers must ask for parents help with young kids).

Curriculum : Science ; Geography ; Languages, Arts (Photography).

Enter the @WMOnews Photo Competition: Hotter, drier, wetter. Send in your photo today ! 

Now with the extended deadline, no excuse, you have the time.



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