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Languages learning : 5th Chambers Thesaurus 2015

The Chambers Thesaurus

“A gorgeous book, full of linguistic delights” 

The Herald

The 5th edition of Chambers Thesaurus will be published next 18th June 2015.
Boxed entries discussing tone and nuance help you to select the perfect synonym, and related quotations and proverbs throughout the text show the words in action. 
‘Types of’ panels give helpful suggestions for words it is difficult to find alternatives for – so beside the synonyms for ‘flower’ you will also find a list of common flowers.

Chambers Thesaurus 2015

  • Ideal for writers and word game enthusiasts
  • Explore a plethora of intriguing and useful synonyms and expressions in The Word Lover’s Gallimaufry – the exclusive new red centre section that highlights some of the most interesting areas of English.
  • The fourth edition contains hundreds of updated entries – the latest words covering social changes, the environment, gender, technology, fashion, business and the recession.
  • 420,000 alternatives for 18,000 words help you find the right word for every context and occasion
  • Over 420,000 synonyms and antonyms
  • Special notes throughout explain differences in meaning and usage
  • Lists of related terms cover topics as varied as types of flower and terms used in football
  • Quotations and proverbs to enjoy and employ
  • Innovative Word Lovers’ Miscellany brings together figures of speech, wonderful words, and much more
  • Meticulously researched and expertly written
  • Hundreds of panels advise on subtleties of meaning and tone.

The Chambers Thesaurus 2015

Some information:

The Chambers Thesaurus draws on the resources of its companion volume, The Chambers Dictionary, to offer the richest range of synonyms and antonyms available,making it a must for writers, puzzle and wordgame enthusiasts, and everyone who loves words. 

This edition has been updated with new vocabulary and includes hundreds of quotations and proverbs, helping you add sparkle to your writing and making the book even more of a pleasure to browse through. This thesaurus has been created using data from Chambers Wordtrack, a year-round programme that monitors the latest words and meanings to arrive in the English language.

The thesaurus is also backed by the authority of the Chambers Harrap International Corpus®, a database unique to Chambers. It contains over 500 million words of current written and spoken English.

The Chambers Thesaurus
This 5th edition, new for 2015, retains the much-loved features of The Chambers Thesaurus, but also includes a brand new two-colour Word Lover's Ramble at the back, showing how English words and definitions have changed in recent years.

screenshot Chambers app


The app allows to easily and quickly navigate through and try out any dictionaries, as well as experience the most advanced search, learning and input features. 

Now you can make sure that a dictionary complies with your language level and contains all words you need before purchase. 

Full-fledged versions are available for buying with the in-app dictionary catalog, containing:
  • Chambers Dictionary Ultimate Edition
  • Chambers Thesaurus Ultimate Edition
  • Chambers Adult Learners' Dictionary
  • Chambers Advanced ELT English Dictionary
  • Chambers ELT English Dictionary
  • Chambers Concise Dictionary
  • Chambers Compact Thesaurus
  • Chambers Crossword Dictionary 

screenshot Chambers app

Learning features: 

• English audio pronunciations recorded by native. 

• Irregular verbs. 

Interface features: 

• Quick access to virtual keyboard. 

• Synchronization of dictionary language with the keyboard input source. 

• Favorites - to quickly access frequently searched words. 

• Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort. 

* To enable the dictation feature, you need to select in System Preferences the “Dictation & Speech” option and clicks on the required languages. To use the dictation feature in dictionary apps, press the “Fn” (Function) Key twice, then pronounces a word and clicks “Done.”

Available : Mac App Store

Prize : Free

Update : 30.04.2015


No excuse for students! They don't appreciate the dictionary, I know, they prefere googlise. But a dictionary is an essential tool for homework, preparing exams or searching for new vocabulary.

The new editions are thinking on students. They must use this tool often in languages lessons and other curricula.

Dictionaries encourage knowledge, curiosity and vocabulary skills.

Classroom teaching can place holder sheets practices in the use of English students according to their learning level. 
The Chambers Thesaurus is now the UK's number 1 selling hardback thesaurus. It is regarded as the thesaurus of choice for crossword setters and solvers, and is popular with players of wordgames such as Scrabble(R) and Words With Friends(R). 

It is famous for its Scottish heritage, its thorough coverage of obscure words and its unique personality.

Chambers has been renowned for its reference publishing across three centuries of history.

"Chambers stands out like a baroque mansion in a city of faceless concrete." 

Melvyn Bragg

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