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Let's play the flute : Apps for Education

screenshot Oratio | credits: Insignio Labs

Here I am writing about another app. This time a game that can carry students to a world of music and entertainment.

I share often apps I find to enchance learning. For example Europeana (European history and culture) ; Augui (reading) ; Voltaire's Candide (French Literature) ; Touch Van Gogh (Arts) ; Our Choice or Zoe makes a splash (environment).

Today, I am writing about a app for Music. You know me. I am a huge enthusiast of Music in school curricula.

So, let's talk about Oratio Flute Master a game where students can learn an instrument while having fun. 

The idea began with a concept brought everyone in the Forum of Microsoft Partners in Learning (with 2 awards).

screenshot Oratio | credits: Insignio Labs

Oratio’s Flute Master is a fun game where students learn to play the flute, combined with beautiful artistic illustrations and wonderful sounds. 

The game has an appealing graphic interface and colorful and fun characters. Among the main characters you can find some friends of Oratio such as Cornelius: a dragon that will help to protect food from the evil “strawberries-eaters”vampires.
Along the way students learn to play the musical notes on the flute.

screenshot Oratio | credits: Insignio Labs

Oratio's Flute Master is a fun game to learn how to play a real instrument: the recorder (the kind of flute that is the main instrument taught worldwide in music classes). Yes, you will grab your own recorder and play the game with it!

screenshot Oratio | credits: Insignio Labs

Music curriculum: 

Learners and Oratio will help the dragon Cornelius save his food from the evil strawberry-eating vampires. Along the way, they will learn how to play the notes on their recorder, with 27 unique and original songs gradually introducing each note and increasing in difficulty.

The application has 27 exclusive songs that they are gradually showing every musical note and increasing its difficulty. In this way, the learning process is gradual and musical notes are associated with colors, for easy recognition.
To use the app it is necessary:
  • a flute (not included)
  • the microphone (it can be the one integrated in your computer or tablet)
Note: To avoid interferences between the musical notes of the flute and the sound from the speakers, it's recommended to be played with headphones. However, it's possible to play without headphones.

screenshot Oratio | credits: Insignio Labs

How teachers and students can use it?
The app allows the students to work with musical notes, articulation, and how to use your fingers correctly.

Develops fine motor skills, attention and concentration and reasoning capabilities, as well as reflection on reading response and action.

Where to use it?

School (Music curriculumsmall groups (max 4 students).

Home : Individual learning work.

Levels : 

Primary and Elementary Education (aged 9-10)

screenshot Oratio | credits: Insignio Labs

Features :

  • 27 original songs made specifically for the recorder (flute instrument).
  • Real-time detection of flute sound, using your microphone.
  • Gradual learning of notes and finger placements.
  • Bright and cartoon-like art, with cute characters!
  • Notes that are associated with colors, for easier recognition.
  • A scoring system that adds repetition value to the game (maximize your score!).
  • Ready  for Classroom Use

Languages : 
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • German
Where to find  the app ?

Windows Microsoft
Google play


Android ; MacOS; IOS; Windows.

Oratio' Flute Master is a didactic indie game that revolutionizes the way to learn and teach recorder. This "app" is the first of the Oratio Classroom saga, a software concept for teaching music in primary schools, winner of the first place in the category of Educators Choice at the Global Forum Partners in Learning by Microsoft in November 2012. 

The whole concept was developed within the school context with the collaboration of 200 students, teachers and entities related to Education.

Hope you like Oratio's Flute Master and your students enjoy to learn play the flute  as well work at home by themselves.

My passion for IT and education innovations makes me share all I found on the web or social media.
I read about Oratio on a Portuguese digital newspaper. I made some research and there you are. Another interesting resource to introduce n your lessons of you teach Music in school.
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