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Europeana ? Competition Educational Apps : Get involved !

Are you an app or game developer? So today, I would like to motivate the last hesitant creative to get involved on the "Europeana Creative Challenge".

Europeana is a database of some 30 million cultural and historical documents, images, sound and video files from Europe's museums, libraries, galleries and archives.

Of course, all my readers know EuropeanaIt's not the first time I write about Europeana

Ok ! So, I am writing again about apps. But now you must to create it. Ok ! You have some more days, to be precise, four days and some hours.

Europeana Creative is looking for creative developers, designers, start-ups and other entrepreneurs to RE-use the Europeana collections! 

Europeana Creative has launched two innovation challenges to create educational apps for teaching Natural History and History Education. 

The challenge is to create applications (appsfor a range of themesnatural history education, history education, tourism, social networks and design

For now, Europeana Creative launched the first two Challenges
  • Natural History 
  • History Education 

 Create :
  • A concept or prototype of a web application or app which re-uses digital cultural heritage content accessible through, our collections and infrastructure.
  • A concept or prototype of a web application or app which engages users with digital cultural heritage content.
  • A sustainable, elaborated business model to supplement your product.

Credits : Videos CC BY-SA Europeana Creative

The application phase for the 1st Challenge Event started on February 12, 2014. It ends on March 31, 2014, at Midnight.

Entry Criteria:

You must be a web developer, entrepreneur or creative wizard registered in one of the 28 EU member states

Participants can be a single person, team, company or organisation. 

Each legal entry can send in one application for a challenge theme. 

You should submit your application written in English

For more detailed information on the application please read the Application Guidelines

Need Inspiration for the History Education Challenge? A Few Ideas? Ok, just read here


The best five applications will be invited to a final challenge event to pitch their ideas to representatives from the cultural and creative industries as well as to investors. 

The winner of a category will receive a hands-on Incubation Support Package provided by the project consortium to bring his/her product successfully to the market.

The winners will be expected to deploy a working prototype by the end of July 2014.

The Europeana API allows you to access to most of the collections and incorporate them into things like apps, games, websites, even creating mash-ups using other sources or APIs. The possibilities are endless!

So if you want to apply or simple team up with other creative thinkers your ideas together go on!

True ! You have four days, three hours and some minutes.

But if you have a good idea, don't give up ! You have the time. A brilliant idea starts next minute.

Visit Europeana Creative on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

"We believe in making cultural heritage openly accessible in a digital way, to promote the exchange of ideas and information. This helps us all to understand our cultural diversity better and contributes to a thriving knowledge economy."

Europeana Challenge Team


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