Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coding Education? Oppia, the Google learning tool

Google developed an interactive educational tool to make learning on the internet easier. The project is called Oppia and it aims to make it easier for teachers or not to create interactive learning activities. 

Oppia is a versatile tool that enables non-technical teachers/users to create interactive online educational activities - the 'explorations'- that give immediate and personalized feedback to learners. 

These explorations are incrementally improvable by the community, and embeddable in any webpage.

Oppia is an online and interactive tool which will help students and teachers teach and learn using the drag and drop objects, mapping, presentations and web based GUI control with no coding. 

Teachers and students will easily communicate with interaction dialogues over Oppia to perform the learning activities.

The main units of learning in Oppia are called 'explorations'. These are multi-stage interactive activities that attempt to engage readers in a learning conversation and provide formative feedback along the way.

Teachers can create 'the explorations' online, no programming required. Multiple collaborators can work together on one activity. The data from learners can then be used to improve and refine the answer and learning paths.

Any user of Oppia, logged-in or otherwise, can play through, browse, and search for any public explorations

To create or edit explorations, a teacher/user will need to be logged-in and to author his/her work under a stable username.

How Oppia works:
  • Oppia does this by modeling a mentor who poses questions for the learner to answer.
  • Based on learner's responses, the mentor decides what question to ask next, what feedback to give, whether to go deeper, or whether to proceed to something new.
  • Among the many alluring features, Oppia can let students and teachers get the best, personalized feedback after submitting answers.
  • The activities for the learning will be embedded in the webpage so the learning experience will be smooth and without any problem.
  • Oppia also have an online interactive dashboard which provides best learning experience. A full online editor GUI will help people change the flow and directions of slides, papers, questions etc.
Community guidelines can be read here

All of the explorations and the software itself are openly licensed, so they are free to copy, modify and re-use. Oppia is built by a small group of volunteers. They welcome suggestions on their issue tracker anddevelopers discussion group, and they are also looking for new contributors to the project. 


  • Learners receive personalized, customizable feedback after submitting answers
  • Explorations are embeddable in any webpage
  • An online analytics dashboard that allows explorations to be improved easily over time
  • A full online editor GUI
  • A comprehensive extension framework allowing straightforward integration of new interactions and classification rules
  • Parameters can be associated with a learner in order to create a richer interactive experience
  • Collaborative creation and editing of explorations with version control
  • (in progress) Responsive UI for mobile devices

For further information visit Oppiawiki

Browse the explorations gallery here

You can try a hosted version at https://www.oppia.org/
Now, watch the tutorial video for a demonstration of how Oppia works. 

Some thoughts :
Oppia is a tool for creating interactive online activities that enable students to learn by doing. 

Its creators believe and I do believe because I practiced that this is a more effective and efficient way of learning. Better than only watching videos or reading texts, since it allows the student to engage more deeply with the activity in a way that videos or books (traditional) often do not.

When we are talking so much about coding in School Education, this tool will be a fantastic learning tool to be used for teacher and students.


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