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Education : Earth Hour 2014

This Saturday night, March 29 2014 at 8:30PM (local time), hundreds of millions of people will turn their lights off in a symbolic gesture for the planet following WWF's Earth Hour

Lights in homes, buildings and famous landmarks will be turned off for an hour tomorrow to mark WWF's annual event.

We will use our power wih Earth Hour Blue. Of course I could not forget this important call to support such an important world project. Neither our students.

They are working some while ago to join this wonderful commitment to save the planet.

With just one day to go until Earth Hour - New Zealand is the first country to switch off the lights - a record of 158 countries and 7 000 cities and towns will be participating in the world's largest event for the planet. 

In Portugal, 91 cities and towns will be participating in this wonderful event.

Now in its eighth year Earth Hour, organised by WWF, has evolved into the largest environment grassroots movement connecting hundred of millions of people across all seven continents.

Students were excited since the first year we participated in Earth Hour 2008. Sifter that, all every Earth Hour have been celebrated in school, Languages curricula until last year. 

Students like to commit on environmental causes. A lot! They dare and they do! I wrote about Earth Hour 2011 ; Talking about Earth Hour with students ; And today is Earth Hour 2013.

Students are preparing some posts on their blogs. They are amazing! They continue their environmental blogs even they left school. We only met on the internet now.

All of you are prepared, of course, activities and projects finished to celebrate tomorrow, right?

I am sure that you prepared your lessons carefully and your students are well motivated to dare to save the Planet, tomorrow night at 8:30-9:30PM (local time).

Don't forget the interactive map to discover events all around the world. Amazing!

Turn it Off by Jason Bruges

Other ideas? 

Looking at the stars, hopefully easier with Earth Hour's temporary drop in light pollution - going for a run, having a candlelit dinner, or a picnic in the park of your city or town, heading to the high ground in the city to watch the lights, getting a board game out (Scrabble on a table still beats the iPhone version), for example.

In Portugal, a big yoga lesson will take place in 10 cities at 8:30 (one hour).

See ! Impossible to resist to Earth Hour Ambassador Spider Man. Students are huge fans of comic novel and of course movies based on it. 

They loved the new saga the Amazing Spider Man featured by Andy Garfield, the new Ambassador. They can't wait for the Amazing Sider Man 2.

Super Hero? 

Earth Hour propose the Instragam Challenge. Students can join super hero ambassador Spider Man and share some photos about how they are super heroes for the Planet by publishing the photos on Instagram using #EarthHour #SpiderMan and #YourPower.

The best photos have prizes. For more information read Join the Instagram Challenge.

Level : Middle and Secondary Education.

Only 17 hours and some minutes in New Zealand, one day and two hours in Portugal to celebrated Earth Hour

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That's the limit of my imagination. What are yours? Probably better ideas to do in the dark this Saturday?

One bright suggestion? We will see us under the starts?



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