Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And now the creator of 'Our Choice' app

Mick Matias | Our Choice ebook

Yesterday, the 2 May, I wrote about Our Choice's Al Gore app for iPad. It's also runn on iPhone and iPod.

credits : TED talks

Today, here the Our Choice's presentation by Mike Matas at TED Talks, published last April.

Software developer Mike Matas talks about demos the first full-length interactive book for the iPad with clever, swipeable video and graphics and some very cool data visualizations to play with. 

Mike Matas has worked on some of the most intriguing tech projects of the past 10 years. While at Apple, Mike Matas helped to write the user interface for the iPhone and iPad. Now with Push Pop Press, he's helping to rewrite the electronic book. 

Al Gore/ Our Choice for iPad and iPhone

The Push Pop Press publishing platform “opens doors to telling a story with more photos, more videos and interactions”

Mike Matas


Do you remember my first post about iPad features and education on July 10, 2010? I wrote "we are looking forward to experiment this amazing media device! Oh! Yes! It will be delicious ! Like "love at first site!" 

After that, I wrote I would love iPad 2 in the classroom, Some apps for iPad helping education and recently Earth Day 2011: a story about the forest

Reading in the classroom Alice in WonderlandPrince of PersiaAesop's Fables or Who cares about the forest? became such a pleasure!

How I love mobile devices in education! Students are born with them. Let's doing different lessons.

Mike Matas at TED Talks

And now Our Choice! I am fascinated! Did you see when Matas blew up on iPad and iPhone and the aeolian turbines moved? Awesome!

Oh! Our students will love it! The new generation of kids is very curious about climate crisis. And they engage deeply on  environmental activities in school.

Introduce the app‬ into your ‪‎lessons‬. Even the most difficult ‪‎students‬ will invest in their own learning‬. Students will explore the app to develop different activities. They will love this 'new generation' of digital books.

And for those students who are studying coding (further education), it might be inspirational this awesome explanation. They will explore the app in a different dimension. 

Well, perhaps you already know this presentation. But, to me it was amazing when I watched for the first time, Mike Matas explaining his creation and  how it works. 

Mike Matas will be online May 6th, from 1-2:30PM Eastern Standard Time for a live TED Conversation regarding his TED talk and next-generation digital book, Al Gore's "Our Choice"

You can join the conversation. Prepare some good questions with your students. They love to participate in events as this one. They love to have a voice. Let them free, after a good preparation in the classroom. You will see. They will be fantastic!

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