Friday, May 6, 2011

Fighting Kids Obesity...Dancing

Healthy eating and physical activity habits are the key to child’s well-being. Eating too much and exercising too little may lead to overweight and related health problems that may follow children into their adult years. 

Family and school can take an active role to help children and young adolescents learning healthy eating and having physical activity habits that last a lifetime.

Beyonce Let's Move

The Let's Move! Flash Workout featuring Beyonce, is an initiative developed by NABEF and was scheduled to debut Tuesday, May 3rd 2011.

Middle school students across the country (USA) and abroad will simultaneously exercise by dance routine video "Move Your Body” led by Beyonce herself.

Coverage of this event will include local TV networks, live radio station broadcasts, and Internet streaming.

NAB Education Foundation and Beyonce as the Exclusive Beverage Partner of the Let's Move! Flash Workout event dedicated to Fight Childhood Obesity! 

Beyonce made a surprising appearance at PS 161 Pedro Albizu Campos middle school in Harlem on May 3 and led middle school students in her dance routine video "Move Your Body"! 

About 85 students at P.S. 161 in Harlem were in the middle of a choreographed routine last tuesday, May 3rd to a song adapted from Beyonce's hit "Get Me Bodied" when the singer arrived.


Children that carry a lot of excess weight are classed as being obese. Children can become obese if they regularly eat and drink more energy (calories) than their body uses or do little physical activity. Obesity means children are more likely to develop serious health problems.

Last week, on the International Dance Day, I wrote about all the beneficits of dancing at school. 

Dancing is a good therapy for young people at school. This time, dance movement therapy has an important aim. Fighting obesity.

A good and enjoyable therapy, don't you think? Not only for girls, of course. 


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