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June rundown of the most read posts & Euro 2016

Portugal team
semi-final Euro 2016
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The UEFA European Championship is one of the world's biggest sporting events, although the competition's genesis was more difficult than might be expected.

Championships for national associations had already begun in other continents by the time the idea of a European competition for national teams began to reach fruition in the 1950s. 


At the time that UEFA was born, in 1954, the impetus for a European championship was coming from the distinguished French sports newspaper L'Equipe, which proposed a competition with home-and-away matches to be played in midweek in the evening.

Henri Delauny
credits: AFP

Adding to the French drive for such a tournament was Henri Delaunay, first UEFA General Secretary and former French national association general secretary. Read more here

Euro 2016
credits: UEFA Euro 2016


Many parents are writing about the enthusiam of their kids on football since the Euro 2016 began.

Well, as extra and funny summer hobby, educators can do some funny learning activities about Europe and football.

Young people might enjoy finding out more about the countries taking part in Euro 2016, particularly Iceland and Wales, which are hosting the tournament for the first time. 

Ask them to find each country's flag and then locate the competing nations on a map of Europe. Which teams will have to travel furthest from home to play in the competition?

And what about Code of Conduct?  If kids were to give the national squad a list of rules to follow, what would they be?

Ok. So it's time to end the introduction of the rundown of the most read posts in June.

Here are the most popular posts of the last month:

Arts Education : Lotte Reiniger & animated films

Summer break continues. Schools are closed in the most part of European countries, as well in North America, Australia, and most countries in the world. High schools and universities are still working. Exams time!

Well, I will back to posting some ideas and educational resources until August. My summer break.



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