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Education : Best of 2021 : Semester #1


Looking back 2021 I've come up with a roundup of what's been the best posts of my blog The Digital Teacher G-Souto

As I do during the first week in January every year, I took some time off to relax with family. I went for some days to a Spa in front of the Atlantic ocean, the other side of street. So good! The weather was marvelous, sunny day, 21º degrees. Wow! We deserved it. after long weeks raining.

Furadouro, Ovar, Portugal

I'm respecting the Covid-19, now Omicron, measures since December. Yes, we are better than most European countries because we have 90% vaccinated people. However we must be very prudent, using the mask and keeping social distance. 

Christmas season in family not easy, but better than last year. We use always masks in the street, at the cinema or some concert.  We have our vaccination certificate with us to go to the movies or at a restaurant.

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Well, school year was not bad. In-person lessons have been possible 2nd and 3rd trimester 2021. Students and teachers finished the school year with satisfaction and joy. 

Some cases of Covid-19 but the classes continued. Teachers were replaced. Students accomplished pandemic rules staying at home. They could continue their studies on distance learning.

Better than the past years, 2019 and 2020. Most schools have been closed. Distance learning was the great allied for students and teachers. 

Students don't like distance learning. However they received meaningful feedback on their progress and support until they achieve the goals. 

Distance learning
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Children an teen are happier at school, they learn better, develop social skills, they need to be among their school mates, learn in-person lessons, having teachers near. It was possible. 

Below you’ll find the top posts of first semester 2021 containing different themes: education & IT, Covid-19, history, languages, art, science, environment, literature, e-safety, sports, dance, children's books, animation.

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The selection is based on page views but also based on pedagogical relevance of the most-read posts.

I kept the order of the most viewed, and eliminated the posts that seemed less relevant. The main reason? Sometimes some posts acquire too much visibility, not for their value but for the keywords that the search engines "like" indexing.

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Je suis ravie de partager avec vous le Top des billets les plus lus sur mon blog The Digital Teacher G-Souto, 1er semestre 2021 . Vous continuez à me suivre presque quotidiennement. Je me rends aussi compte que souvent des étudiants me visitent.

Je vous en remercie, chers enseignants, chers lecteurs, de votre intérêt et m’efforce d’être toujours au plus proche d'événements concernant des idées pédagogiques afin de vous présenter des ressources et outils pédagogiques, au numérique ou pas. 

Pas si souvent comme les années precédentes à 2019. Les plusieurs confinements, des écoles fermées, l'enseignement à distance, la vaccination, tout ça m'a enlevé um peu le désir ou la force physique d'écrire.

Les outils technologiques dû le Covid-19 ont souvent substitué l'enseignement en présentiel accompagné. Dans quelques pays, les écoles ont été rouvertes. Comme chez nous, le Portugal. Bien qu'une partie de l'enseignement ait continué à distance pour les élèves confinés pendant ce temps.

Des grandes thématiques: éducation, Covid-19, langues, science, cyber-bullying, culture, littérature, animation, arts, environnement parmi tant d'autres.

Des ressources pédagogiques en ligne, et des adaptations personnelles de façon à permettre à tous les élèves la réussite dans leur parcours scolaire.

Here are the most popular posts 1st semester, 2021:

Le Top des billets semestre 1, 2021:

My usual readers know I write in English, French and Portuguese. Let´s begin...


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"The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos in education worldwide. 

Some 1.6 billion school and college students had their studies interrupted at the peak of the pandemic -- and it’s not over yet.  

Today, school closures continue to disrupt the lives of over 31 million students, exacerbating a global learning crisis."

Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General's message 2022

Countries around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These nationwide closures were impacting hundreds of millions of students. Several other countries have implemented localized closures impacting millions of additional learners.

credits: AP

"Unless we take action, the share of children leaving school in developing countries who are unable to read could increase from 53 to 70 percent.  

But the turmoil in education goes beyond questions of access and inequality." 

Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General's message 2022

For example, the Republic of Uganda reopened the schools after two years of closure.

"Si les enfants s'en réjouissent, entre temps, ils sont nombreux à ne pas avoir pu suivre l'enseignement à distance." 

There's hope. Vaccines were developed and people have been vaccinated all of the world countries. Teachers and some students have been vaccinated.

Please pay attention. Follow the OHS advices.

Hoping to have inspire you in your lessons all over the last year.

May 2022 be year of hope for all of us, be brave, teachers and students. And don't forget to keep social distance, and use your masks. Oh! wash your hands often!

Teachers are teaching with passion in such difficult moments. Guiding your students the best you can helping them to adapt to a different world and prepare to a new the future. Give them hope, joy help them not to be so anxious.

Your mission from the heart!


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