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Education : Brilliant app, math and science : Learn think !

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”


Brilliant app is for anyone who has an interest in mathematics and science. The app replaces lecture videos with hands-on, interactive lessons. It’s a better (and more fun) way to learn.

Dive into advanced, creative problem solving and improve domain knowledge and critical thinking skills. Learn how different domains, like number theory and computer science, are interconnected. Discover how core math and science concepts apply to modern topics.

Brilliant's entertaining and educational course library is great for beginners, and also includes intermediate and advanced topics for teachers and lifelong learners. 


Brilliant is made with the loving efforts of lifelong learners from MIT, Caltech, Duke, the University of Chicago, and more.

"We’re passionately working on delivering the very best math and science education on earth. Your age, country, and gender don't determine what you are capable of learning. You do."



Brilliant creates a culture of learning around inquiry, curiosity, and openness to failure. All of our courses are written with these principles of learning in mind.

Effective learning math & science:

  • Excites

The greatest challenges to education are disinterest and apathy.

  • Cultivate curiosity

Questions and storytelling that cultivate natural curiosity are better than the threat of a test.

  • Is active

Effective learning is active, not passive. Watching a video is not enough.

  • Is applicable

Use it or lose it: it is essential to apply what you're learning as you learn it.

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. Learn to think

Whether you want to hone your quantitative skills, improve your knowledge of science and technology, be a smarter parent for your inquisitive kid, or simply stay sharp, Brilliant helps you grow as a curious and ambitious person.

2. Become a better problem solver

Brilliant's approach to learning is active, not passive. Through active problem solving, Brilliant helps you build your quantitative intuition. Learn frameworks for thinking and solving challenging problems, instead of memorizing formulas.

3. Enjoy new challenges every week ... and now every day

With free, curated weekly problems, you can gain timeless knowledge and flex applied problem solving skills in bite-sized sessions. Stay fresh and discuss your favorite solutions with an engaged community of lifelong learners.

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Master concepts by solving fun, challenging problems. Brilliant app helps students learn real math and science through conceptual quizzes that are both entertaining and educational.

With free Problems of the Week, students can solve and discuss fascinating problems with members around the world. If you enjoy these problems, then it’s time to subscribe. Once you do, you’ll have access to courses with hundreds of guided exercises on everything from logical reasoning to artificial neural networks.

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In school, students are often trained to apply formulas to rote problems. But this traditional approach prevents deeper understanding of concepts, reduces independent critical thinking, and cultivates few useful skills.

The capacity to think critically separates the great from the good. We can grow this capacity by trying — and often failing — to solve diverse, concrete problems.

  1. Start with simple questions and stories that build your foundation and intuition.
  2. Ramp up to solving problems that seemed beyond your ability.
  3. Study different ways of solving the problems that are out of your grasp.

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For ages 10 t0 110

Get started as a beginner with the fundamentals, or dive right into intermediate and advanced courses for professionals. Brilliant has courses for ambitious students and people of all ages.

Master essential skills

Build confidence with hands-on learning. You'll get to see concepts visually, interact with key ideas, and solve challenging problems that get you to really think.

Stress less, learn better

Enjoy fun storytelling, guided problem solving, and making lots of mistakes while playing. On Brilliant, your natural curiosity will drive you, not the threat of a test.

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Brilliant app is an educational platform, designed to help make learning fun and accessible. Designed around focused lessons and relatable situations, Brilliant allows students to explore complex science, technology, and math topics in ways that make learning exciting.

With the Brilliant app, there’s no punishment for getting the answer wrong. Instead, a wrong answer is an opportunity to learn.

Whether students guess the correct answer, or are 100% wrong, they can see student-submitted explanations of how the correct answer can be found. Other students can then vote on the explanations, ensuring that the best and most understandable are provided.

  • Brilliant app is free
To unlock the full experience, you need to sign up for a subscription plan. That’s $24.99 for the monthly plan and $119.99 for the annual plan.

  • Available: 

 iOS App Store

  Play Store

Language: English

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Expanding on their learning platform, Brilliant recently introduced their Daily Problems feature. These give students an opportunity to flex their mental muscles and learn new things every day.

The Daily Problems come in a variety of subjects, from algebra, chemistry and computer science.

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Each Daily Problem provides an “insight” lesson that gives enough detail to get you on the right path, and the questions are typically presented with a multiple choice answer.

Each topic is divided into various levels with 1 being the most fundamental. The problems offer a path of learning that encourages critical thinking.

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Some of questions are easy to solve, while some take hours. Students don't have to worry about getting an answer wrong. They can always check

Brilliant is a great way to learn and have fun. Its approachable, and allows you to learn a little (or a lot) whenever you want.

Some of the questions are easy to solve, while some take hours. You don’t have to worry about getting an answer wrong. You can always check answers from user submissions to figure out the solutions to such problems. And you can vote on explanations that impressed you.

Get new ideas :

Facebook : Brilliant Math

Facebook : Brilliant Science

Brilliant is a great way to learn and have fun. Its approachable, and allows students to learn a little (or a lot) whenever they want.



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