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Let's code in school ! Europe Code Week

Europe Code Week, taking place between November 25 and 30, 2013 all over Europe, is an open source initiative, aiming to connect initiatives that encourage European citizens to learn more about the art and science of computer programming.

Europe Code Week is an initiative launched by Neelie Kroes' Young Advisors with the support from DG Connect at the European Commission. 

"Computer programming is being heralded as the new literacy, yet it is still widely perceived as a skill that can only mastered with a computer science degree. 

With the wider availability of internet connectivity and freely available, easy to use technologies, this is no longer the case."

To encourage people and young students to create a digital future, Europe Code Week will celebrate coding between November 25 - 30, 2013.

Nelie's Kroes' Young Advisors

"Young Advisors can inspire us, point to mismatches between expectations of young people and current policy initiatives or plans. They can actively contribute to shaping Europe's digital future by employing their skills and talents and by sharing fresh and creative ideas. "

Digital Agenda for Europe

They are a bunch of young people with a dream of a world where all sort of crazy ideas are given a chance to change the world. Well, let's see!

It's about those of you who are already helping these dreams come true. The future. 

Technology is shaping young lives, bringing crazy ideas to life, build things that will bring joy to others.

"It's never been easier to make your own app, build your own robot, or invent flying cars, why not! It's not an easy journey, but it's a journey full of creative challenges, a supportive community, and tons of fun."
Why Coding?
  • Coding is becoming a key skill for professionals in every field 
  • ICT professionals, researchers, designers… 
  • Basic ICT skills enable the creation of small business 
  • Today there is already a shortage of ICT professionals in Europe 
  • By 2015, we will be missing 900.000 ICT professionals 
  • These positions could be filled by Europeans currently unemployed 
  • The future economy of Europe passes by a strong focus on technology and startups 
Read more here

Are you ready to accept the challenge and become a maker or to engage you students to become makers?
Sounds interesting?
  • Organize a programming workshop, the one you planned to do in any case. 
  • Find a few friends who're curious about what you do and teach them how to code. 
  • Start a local study or support group for coding beginners. And remember, two is a group already.
Join one of the #codeEU events in your country or organize your own! Here the map of initiatives by country.


A Pacha Kucha style presentation for ideas/tools/resources to help you introduce programming to your classroom or computer club:

Credits: @daniel_oreilly from Coder Dojo Armagh for EU Code Week #codeEU
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Excited about the first Europe Code Week yet? There are over 300 pins placed on the Coding Map of Europe! 

"Coding deserves to be celebrated. From the 25th to 30th of November we would like to see a range of events across Europe – all aimed at exposing citizens to the multitude and diversity of coding, as well as teaching them these skills. 

Our goal is to improve the visibility of coding on a European scale, motivate people to start learning to code, and connect individuals, groups, organizations, and companies who are willing to help more people experience the joy and relevance of coding."

Nelie Kroes

Invite your students to have fun and build things about code. Are you ready to share their passion? 


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