Monday, November 25, 2013

George Siemens talk: Changing schools, changing knowledge?

Sometimes, I share with you some good talks about Education. I think it is important to hear specialists and discuss their ideas.

For Music in school education, Sir George Martin, for private schools vs. public schools Sir Ken Robinson, for games at school Jane McGonigal, for re-engaging students in learning, Ali Carr-Chellmanfor the future of Education, Professor Noam Chomsky, for psychology and behavior,  Steven Pinkerfor outdoor education, Richard Louvfor teachers and  "alternative" education programs into the mainstream,  Bill Gates or Sir Ken Robinson

Today, I would like to share George Siemens, Professor at Athabasca University (Canada), 

in a talk about changing schools, changing knowledge.

While more and more knowledge is available to us, the amount of time for us to pay attention to it remains the same. 

  • What kind of knowledge will be needed in the future, and how are we going to be acquiring it? 
  • How educational institutions are contending with these challenges.

These are some questions Professor George Siemens  answers.


Interesting, isn't it? Change knowledge needs and structures are influencing the development of new learning systems and models. And it is not easy. 
A good critical talk. He provides a critical evaluation of the testing/evaluation narrative in education and of the future of education.

As an educationalist, I think these kind of talks of innovative thinkers about different subjects touching Education are always very useful to us.

It's up to us reflect and reach some conclusions.


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