Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cyberlearning? It's personalised learning

In this video produced by KQED we could watch how new developments in computer-mediated learning can enhance educational experiences. 

If the video is not available on the post, please watch here.


Hearing experts and watching learners to explore three examples of cyberlearning: 

  • Students learn about astronomy and game design in the Universe Quest project;
  • Students use remote scientific equipment to learn about radiation with the iLab Network; 
  • Students use handheld devices to play an augmented reality game from MIT and learn about climate change.

Yes! Cyberlearning is the connection of informal learning (outside of the school) and learning of the classroom. 

It is the personalised learning that manages every students individual needs. Students make control of their learning and they learn.  

And, of course, students learn because they feel the real interest of teachers in motivating them and supporting their own individual needs.

Students learn from teachers they love. No doubt!


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