Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer movies

I love to go to the movies. But Summer is not a good season. Still, I watched some interesting or just funny movies.

The best one, The Conspirator, directed by Robert Redford, a moving and very serious movie.

****The Conspirator 2011 Robert Redford USA

***Horrible Bosses 2011 Seth Gordon (USA)

**Benvenuti al Sud 2010 Luca Miniero (Italia)

***Larry Crowne 2011 Tom Hanks (USA)

***Les Petits Mouchoirs 2010 Guillaume Canet (France)

*The Smurfs 2011 Raja Gosnell USA


You know you can get a good movie to have a different lesson. Just choose the film to the level you teach and create a wonderful learning environment.


(because it's Sunday)

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