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Rap in Chemistry curriculum? Fantastic!

This year is the International Year fo Chemistry, as the Chemistry teachers know! And I am sure that they are preparing fantatisc activities to share with the students to motivate them in Chemistry curriculum, now that the real school-season is there.

After my post Google celebrates Robert Bunsen and 'International Year of Chemistry 2011', another post about Chemistry in the classroom.

Here you have a fantastic and funny video to share: Rapping elements! Rap?! Yes, you read it well. Rapping elements. 

So, watch the video below: 

Quite amazing, isn't it? And inspiring! Don't you agree with me? The creative rapper Oort Kuiper  wrote here

"Many people have heard of Tom Lehrer's 'The Elements' song. One day I decided to search for it online to memorise some stuff about the elements and found out that Daniel 'Harry Potter' Radcliffe had recently recited it on TV. I wondered what he (and the viewers) might have learnt about the elements by listening to it but shock horror...after listening I realised the song hadn't actually told me anything about The Periodic Table, except what's on it! 

So I decided to do my own song, specifically about The Periodic Table. 

The chorus contains the first 36 elements in order up to Krypton. 

The first verse covers general info about the Periodic table.

The second verse lists the Alkali Metals and The Alkaline Earth Metals.

The third verse lists the Halogens and the Noble Gases.

Let me know if this rap helps you at all... or if it doesn't. (...) good luck with your studies, or thirst for knowledge."

Oort Kuiper (Rapper)

Well, Kuiper is a student too. And inspired by Harry Potter star, Daniel Rafcliff, he decided to create his own rap to memorise the elements for Chemistry lesson.


As you see, the students are very creative if we can listen to them.

I'm sure your students are too. In a trans-curriculum - Chemistry, Languages and Music - propose your class to create different songs - rap! they really like it - about different subjects from Chemistry curriculum.

Remember! Educators can share, discuss and plan ideas for IYC 2011 here. There already a lot of activities and projects for different countries and schools on the webpage of IYC2011.

Students can plan activities with their educators in the classroom and then share for IYC 2011, by country,  here

And to add an event or events to the list, go to the Activities section and submit a description of the activity. 

Typical events or activities could be at the local, state, regional, or national level, and might include... read more

Some conclusions:

The activities can be developed in Elementary education and Secondary Education. It's up to the educators motivate the students. Never forget it!

You will be delighted how the students are amazing when they are free to demonstrate their creativity in the classroom.
Don't underestimate your students capacities, even the reluctant ones to learn some difficult subjects in the school curricula. 

  • Encourage the interest of young people in chemistry;

  • Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry;

  • Celebrate the role of women in chemistry or major historical events in chemistry, including the centenaries of Mme. Curie’s Nobel Prize and the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies.

  • Have a good IYC 2011 in your school!


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