Monday, August 8, 2011

Is Shakespeare boring? No!

I wrote a post, last April 17, about a very interesting project that I founded on Facebook on Bard's birthday celebration in the schools. It was Fighting cyberbullying with Shakespeare.

The project explored social media as an educational tool and sent a powerful message about cyberbullying to today's plugged-in students. The project was a success! And many school's educators adapted the idea in their own classes.

Now for time school's out, here a video animation that might be a funny motivation to introduce Shakespeare to your students, next September. 

What are your plans for the first lessons about English Literature? Do you feel that your students will think learning Shakespeare is still boring after watching the vdeo? Well...

It's only a start for interesting thoughts of you for the next school season! I'm sure you already have very good ideas to motivate the students in the classroom!

For the moment, enjoy your holidays!


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