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Youth Film Competition : Let's participate !


ResponSEAble is looking for creative short films about how to make tourism more sustainable.

Turning the Tide Youh Contest aims for sustainable coastal tourism in the Mediterranean and invite young people to make a personal film telling about the places around the Mediterranean Sea which are important to every participant.

Perhaps there are young people who enjoy, snorkelling, swimming, sailing or other activities which get them close to nature.

Perhaps someone knows about places where people are making more effort to balance tourism with protecting wildlife and the coastal environment. 

Or they have great ideas about how they could do things better when it comes to holidays that do not cause damage to the natural environment?
Whichever approach every participant chooses, ResponSEAble wants young participants use their creative, storytelling skills to address some of the questions and issues:

Mediterranean coast
credits: The Slow Pace
  • How can we enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and its beautiful coast and wildlife without destroying it?

  • Do they know of examples where tourism has caused problems with over use of resources and harm to the natural environment?

  • Do they know of examples of ‘eco-tourism’, where people can enjoy holidays but without having a negative impact on nature and cultural heritage?

  • How can more sustainable tourism bring jobs and economic benefits to coastal communities while at the same time protecting nature and wildlife?

How to participate:

  • Participants will produce a short film (3-5 minutes long);
  • They can make the short film in any language but they must add English subtitles;
  • Previous films if it had been made within 12 months may be submitted;
  • Participants can work alone or with a group, but you must all be in the same age group;
If they are entering from a school or group they can give that information;

Important: Do not forget!

  • Young participants should use only music which is free or licensed;
  • They should ask permission from people that you will film;
  • Each film should be in English or have English subtitles;
  • The films should be 3-5 minutes long;
  • Participants must live in the European Union (UE).


There are two different age groups:  13-17 or 18-25.

To enter:
Complete the entry form giving contact details of the participants. And send the films to using We Tranfer.

Medtierranean coast 
credits: Unknown
The judging team will review all the films and select a shortlist which will then go online for the public vote: from January 15, 2018 to March 9, 2018.

Winners will be announced on March 19, 2018.

ResponSEAble has got some fantastic prizes, great for using on a outdoor holiday, while also being sustainable and protected the environment!
The top 3 films in each age group will get a Re-Kanken rucksack from Fjall Raven made recycled plastic bottles.
ResponSEAble also has a judges prize of a pair of fairtrade vegan and sustainable flip-flops from Ethletic.

The group 13-17 years old will be studying at elementary and high-school. So, teachers can invite their students to participate.
Interesting activity for students who love filming (YouTube generation!) and are taking part at Multimedia clubs at schools or even are studying Arts (group 18-25) at college.

Young people love participate in contests. They get excited to show off their skills no matter the contest. But a contest about making a short film? Nature? They are a generation who preserve the environment. No doubt!

It will be awesome to participate in this short film contest about nature and sustainable tourism, sending a film youth made at a lovely place, whatever the European country (EU). Don't forget!


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