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The Most-Read Blog Posts of 2016 : semester #2

credits: princekido

Here my tribute to Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, who died this week.I could see her again in Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens

A boy, a princess, an old man, and a pirate with Bigfoot as a friend. Thus began my life-long fascination with sci-fic with Star Wars.

"May the Force be with you, Princess Leia."

2016 was a killer year to actors, writers, music, arts. Let's begin 2017! We want to forget 2016. 

But first my looking back at 2016 I've come up with a roundup of what's been most-read on my blog The Digital Teacher G-Souto

Below you’ll see the top posts along the second semester 2016 containing several themes: edtech, languages, arts, science, history, environment, literature, e-safety, sports, dance, children's rights among other.

The selection is based on page views but also based on pedagogical relevance of the most-read posts.

I kept the order of the most viewed, but eliminated the posts that seemed less relevant. The main reason is that sometimes certain posts acquire too much visibility, not for their value but for the keywords that the search engines "like" indexing.

illustration: Luna Joulia

J'ai commencé avec mon hommage à Princesse Leia, Carrie Fisher que nous aimions tous.

L'année 2016 fut terrible. Nous avons perdu beaucoup de nos héros: musique, cinéma, arts. 

Commençons une nouvelle année. 2017 est là.

Mais avant je veux continuer le partager avec vous le Top des posts les plus lus du 2eme semestre 2016. Vous êtes de plus en plus nombreux à me suivre au quotidien. Je me rends compte que les étudiants aussi me visitent.

Je vous remercie, chers enseignants, chers lecteurs, de votre intérêt et m’efforce d’être toujours au plus proche des événements concernant des idées pédagogiques pour vous présenter les dernières ressources éducatives , numériques et pas numériqueses. Le numérique prend de plus en plus la placeLes technologies donnent aux jeunes et à leurs professeurs des possibilités que les générations précédentes ne pouvaient pas avoir au même âge.

Des ressources aux grandes thématiques historiques, linguistiques, culturelles et sociales, des ressources en ligne, et de nombreuses observations personnelles sur la pédagogie et la pratique éducative de façon à faciliter à tous des chances de réussite.

Here are the 2nd semester's most-read Blog posts of 2016 :

Le Top des posts du 2eme semestre 2016 :

Éducation : L'Ours Montagne, un film d'animation dans les cours de langues 

Games in school : ABZÛ, the game under the water in the classroom 

Education : Great women breaking the limit of sky : Jean Batten 

Science Education : Exploring the Big Dipper

Rentrée 2016 : Parlons de l'apprentissage des langues vivantes 

Education : Go to the theater : Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Schools : International Literacy Day : 50th Anniversary 

Education & disability : Francesca Jones, the power of a dream 

Schools : Education for Peace #PeaceDay 

Educação & Línguas : Vamos ler Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

Éducation : Difficulté de parler #Nice aux enfants? 

Schools : Ada Lovelace Day : girls in STEM 

Education : the 4th July & Eyes on June : resources & apps 

Civics education : World Humanitarian Day 2016 

Schools : Let's talk about Never Ending Story : resources 

Schools : Apps History & Culture - Hello Lisbon in AR 

World Teachers' Day : Valuing and Improving their Status 

Schools : Rio 2016 - Olympic Games, resources 

Éducation : On va au Musée chasser Pokémon Go? 

Schools : Let's talk about Intl Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 

Schools : European Researchers' Night : Science is Wonder-ful! 

Éducation : Vendredi ou la vie sauvage : Ressources 

Schools : Code Week EU ? Let's go! 

Education : Let's Suport Goal 1 #EndPoverty 

Ensino : Muda de curso : violência no namoro não é para ti! 

Schools : Antonie van Leeuwenhoek in sciences curriculum 

Schools : It's Fall Back Time ! Oh no ! 

Schools : It's Halloween : Let's learn & have fun 

Sciences education : Here comes the 2nd Supermoon, the Mega Beaver moon

Schools : World Science Day for Peace & Development 2016 : resources 

Education : World Philosophy Day : Past and Present 

Schools : Universal Children's Day 

Schools : Thanksgiving, a traditional holiday 

Education : World Aids Day #HIVprevention : resources 

Escolas : Ler O Código da Vinci, versão juvenil 

Education : Préparer une visite au Musée : Oscar Wilde

Ensino : PISA 2015 : Portugal entre os melhores países 

Arts Education : Thyssen Museum apps, discover the museum in your hands 

Schools : Human Rights Day : resources 

Education : It's Christmas time ! We can't hurt people! 

'Tis the Season : Tales, books & other resources

Francesca Jones/ ©PA credits
My crush of the #2nd semester? Education & disability : Francesca Jones, the power of a dream 

Francesca Jones, fifteen-year-old, got through the first round at Junior Wimbledon 2016 despite a rare condition that has left her without all her fingers and toes.

Francesca Jones was born with ectrodactyly ectodermal dysplasia syndrome – a rare condition that causes development problems with hands and feet.
Despite leaving her with an abnormally small right hand – her racket hand – and fewer fingers and toes than is usual, she has not allowed her condition to prevent her reaching her first junior grand slam tournament.
She is a good exemple to youth who so many times do'nt believe in their dreams. 

Hoping to have inspired you in your lessons all over the year.

May 2017 be a successful year for all those educators who love teach. Preparing learners for the future should therefore be a prime function of all us.


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