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Schools : Vsevolod Nestayko & Children's books

Google Doodle Vsevolod Nestayko

Today, my post will be about a new Doodle. Google is celebrating the classic Ukrainian children’s literatureVsevolod Nestayko honored by a Google doodle

Google presents today on its Ukrainian homepage a doodle inspired in Ukraine draws from the children’s book Toreadors from Vasyukivka to honour the Ukrainian writer Vsevolod Nestayko’s 85th birthday. 

Nestayko is widely considered to be Ukraine’s best-known author of children’s literature. 

Autograph-time from Vsevolod Nestayko
photo : Mykhaylo Markiv

Vsevolod Nestayko was born on the 30 January 1930 and is dead on 16 August 2014

He is a modern Ukrainian children's writer. In Ukraine, Nestayko is considered the country's best-known and best loved Ukrainian children’s literature writer.

Some information:
His first book “Shurka & Shurko” was published in 1956. His 50-year long way in the children’s literature has been witnessed by publishing 30 stories, fairy tales, novels and plays. 
The most famous among those are: “In the Land of Sundogs” (1959), "Satellite LIRA-3" (1960), "Cosmo-Nata" (1963), "Robinson Cucurusoe" (1964), "Toreadors from Vasyukivka" (1973), "The Fraud ”F”" (1976), "Unusual Adventures in the Forest School" (1981), "The Riddle of an Old Clown" (1982), "”A” With a Small Tail" (1985), "A Stranger Girl From the Land of Sundogs" (1988), "The Investigation Goes On", "A Mysterious Voice Behind" (1990), "Incredible Detectives"(1995) and other books.

Toreadors from Vasyukovki
Vsevolod Nestayko
His books are published in many languages of the world, including 53 times in independent Ukraine. 
According to the opinion polls which have been carried out in 1990-1992 by the State library for children and the Ministry of Culture, Nestayko was the leader of reader's interest. Its works are included in the school program.
In 2004, "Toreadors from Vasyukovki" was recognized as the book of year in the nomination "Literature for teenagers".

Surprising adventures at country boarding school
Vsevolod Nestayko
In 2009 fairy tale "Surprising adventures at country boarding school" entered the list of the books most popular in Ukraine according to sellers. 
His books are translated into twenty languages, including English, FrenchGermanSpanishRussianArabicBengaliHungarian, RomanianBulgarian, and Slovak.
Screen adaptations of Nestayko’s novels have been awarded internationally. The adaptation of «Toreadors from Vasyukivka» won Grand-prix at the International Festival in Munich (1968) and the main prize in Alexandria, Australia (1969). «The Fraud ”F”» adaptation was awarded at the All-Soviet-Union Film Festival in Kyiv (1984) and at the Gabrovo Film Festival, Bulgaria (1985), it won a special award.

Toreadors from Vasyukovki, film
Vsevolod Nestayko
"This book by the patriarch of the Ukrainian children’s literature has been translated into twenty languages and included into the Special Hans Christian Andersen Honor List as one of the most outstanding children’s books of the world literature. This is the first new author’s edition of the book with new extraordinary joyful episodes."
It was the Best Children’s Book of the Year (2004 Book of the Year National Contest)
Vsevolod Nestayko was awarded several times in different Awards.

The Newest Adventures of Kolko Koliuchka the Hedgehog and Kosia Vukhan the Bunny

Vsevolod Nestayko

"The Newest Adventures of Kolko Koliuchka the Hedgehog and Kosia Vukhan the Bunny", a book is illustrated by children, was this book, published in 2009.

For the first time ever a book by the famed writer has been illustrated by children. These junior artists are your coevals from art schools and ordinary schools. 

A lot of talented children’s paintings were given to us by the writer himself – children were sending the painting to the author for the radio program where these stories sounded for the first time. 

Your students can watch some pages here
In 1979 the International Children’s and Youth’s Literature Council agreed to include the trilogy “Toreadors from Vasyukivka” into the Special Hans Christian Andersen Honor List as one of the most outstanding works of modern children’s literature.
Nestayko's books are included in school curricula in Ukraine.

Vsevolod Nestayko

I could find some translated books in English, not in other languages. However I must share with my usual readers this important classic children's literature writer, not so well-known as his books deserve.
Reading propels the mind of children and adults. There is so much in our world to learn about. And although there will be many places we will not actually be able to travel to, we can read about them. When we read about such places, we get a sense of what it's like to be there. We can imagine, even more clearly.
Reading is one of the fundamental skills in education. And children's literature one of the best resources to help students to learn reading and writing.

Level: Primary education

Curricula: Ukrainian mother language ; Cross-curricula Languages, Arts.

Resources: Native teachers can read in Ukrainian Vsevolod Nestayko's biography and his books.



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